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Second Opinion

Second Opinion Services

We provide support for those who need additional guidance in their search
for justice and peace.

Second Opinion Services Unsolved /Cold Cases

The purpose of Second Opinion Services (S.O.S.)SM is to provide answers to questions and concerns regarding a death and subsequent investigation(s). A volunteer board of medical, law enforcement and investigative experts provide an independent objective viewpoint based on existing evidence and/or records submitted to POMC for review. These experts evaluate materials, looking for evidence that needs to be followed up, findings that may have been misinterpreted, areas that need further investigation and inconsistencies or conflicting information. Although S.O.S. is not an investigative agency, its findings have caused many cases to be re-opened, provided valuable information and have solved several cold cases.

S.O.S. Experts cannot:

•Further investigate a case
•Serve as an “expert” witness
•Identify a suspect

S.O.S. Experts may:

•Contact original investigative authorities
•Seek additional expert opinions as needed
•Provide answers
•Provide direction
•Offer suggestions regarding further action
•Provide information to help re-open a case
•Help a family obtain a sense of closure about a loved one’s sudden death
•Concur with original findings

In most cases, families will receive a written opinion of the case. For more information about the S.O.S. Program, please Contact POMC’s National Headquarters.

If you would like to print out a form to request Second Opinion Services (S.O.S.) click here.

Unsolved/Cold Cases

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