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Murder Is Not Entertainment (MINE) Alerts

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In November 1993, the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.® (POMC), launched the Murder Is Not Entertainment (MINE)SM Program – a nationwide campaign to alert society to its insensitivity towards murder and its aftermath. This attitude is flamed by a myriad of sources including TV, toys, games and other means of entertainment.

When POMC becomes aware of objectionable materials, it sends a “MINE Alert” to its representatives and others who volunteer across the United States. These Alerts describe the material and ask that they express their concerns by writing letters to those responsible for the products. A list of products and addresses are available from POMC.

MINESM wants to eliminate the playing and marketing of violence and murder as forms of entertainment for both children and adults. The program strives to instill the same empathy and respect for victims of murder that society affords victims of other tragedies. Through education, crime prevention, and promoting an overall change of attitude, the MINE program drives home the message – Murder Is Not Entertainment.

Immediate Attention: We are receiving so many requests to do MINE Alerts that it has become necessary to restrict the amount we put in the CP/CL and on the POMC web site. If we inundate people with these requests we are concerned that they may stop protesting because of the shear numbers. Therefore, we are proposing the following: Please handle the numerous murder mystery dinners, theatres, weekends, etc. at your local chapter level. If you have a particularly objectionable MINE Alert or one that is not the usual, please send them to National and we will put them in the CP/CL and on the POMC web site. If you have any questions, please contact Bev at National.

Below is a listing of all MINE alerts initiated by the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.®, and their outcome.

December, 1993
Campbell Soups
POMC protested Campbell Soup’s sponsorship of a “Mystery Murder Contest”. We received this response, “We are sorry if we offended you and will consider your comments when planning future promotions”.

November, 1993
POMC protested Safeway’s ad promoting a “Murder Mystery Weekend”. We received this response, “We will be entirely more sensitive to the concerns of organizations such as yours in the future”.

November, 1993
School Kids
POMC protested these makers of Records, CD’s and Tapes for running an add of a child going to buy an Amy Grant album and in the ad, a person behind the counter stabs her in the chest, and it showed her lying on the ground with blood squirting out, and a pop up box showed the word, “gurgle”.

November, 1994
Maxwell House Coffee
POMC protested a commercial produced by Maxwell House Coffee which gives the viewer the impression that a woman is about to read a novel called, “Murder Makes a House Call”. It suggests that the “husband and children are asleep – a perfect time for a cup of Maxwell House coffee”. In response to complaints, the airing of this commercial was discontinued.

July, 1994
Drive By Fashions
POMC vehemently protested “Drive By Fashions”, which featured shirts with bullet holes in them being advertised as fashionable. We use one of these shirts in our MINE presentation, alongside a REAL drive by fashion, a shirt worn by one of our members loved one who was shot through the chest. We received no response from the company. Howver, this company is OUT OF BUSINESS!

July, 1994
Montgomery County Women’s Center Shelter – Woodlands, Texas
POMC protested their yearly fundraising event, “Murder at Rutherford House”. The Executive Director of the shelter stated that, “I think the majority of our population understands and accepts it for what it is. It’s a play. It’s a comedy…” POMC did not receive a response.

February, 1994
Center for Crime Victims and Survivors, Inc.
POMC protested their hosting of a St. Valentine’s Day massacre event and they had an ad which featured machine guns and gangsters.

February, 1994
JOOP Jeans
POMC protested an ad put out by JOOP Jeans portraying an angel, obviously dead, with an arrow through her heart. The tag line was, “We have degrees for murder, but not for love.” We received no response.

December, 1995
WINK 94.1 – Cincinnati, Ohio
POMC protested WINK 94.1 sponsorship of a office party featuring a “whodunit”. We also had the support of Cincinnati’s Police Chief who also wrote letters. We received no response.

December, 1995
Marshall Fields
POMC protested the distribution of murder puzzle games by Marshall Fields. We received this response, “I am truly sorry we have offended you.”

November, 1995
San Bernadino Police Officer’s Association
POMC protested this police association’s sale of t-shirts which listed their high murder rates. They say it was one of their “biggest” sellers. We received the following response, “A police memorial was constructed at our new facility and this effort could not have come to fruition if not for the monies obtained from the sale of these controversial items”. Marketing Murder for Profit!

October, 1995
Terry Hemlin – Candidate for District 3 Supervisor
POMC protested a candidate willing to hold a “Murder Mystery Fundraiser”. If Candidate Hemlin likes to solve mysteries, maybe he would like to help POMC solve murders through our Second Opinion Services program. Mr. Hemlin was horrified to hear from our members and assured us he would never hold a murder mystery.

October, 1995
Sam’s Club
POMC protested the sale of a game called, “How to Host a Murder” being sold by Sam’s. Sam’s Club removed the game from their shelves.

October, 1995
Kohl’s Department Stores
POMC protested Kohl’s sale of murder games and puzzles. Kohl’s removed all items from their shelves.

July, 1995
AAA Travel Services
POMC protested AAA for their “Journey to the Unknown Mystery Trip”. We received no response.

May, 1995
Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office
POMC vehemently protested the Coroner’s office for their horrific gift shop which sells such things as “body outline” beach towels, customized toe tags, and other murder related materials. The response we received was that the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office planned to continue their gift shop as they make “tons of money” from the sale of murder items. Maybe they would be better served simply doing their jobs!

May, 1995
Maple Plain Family Center Super Valu
POMC protested the “contest” hosted by the family center in which a murder was to be solved by offering “clues” to it’s customers. We received notice that the “contest” was postponed indefinitely due to the pressure from POMC.

April, 1995
Star of Cincinnati Cruises
POMC protested the Star of Cincinnati’s “Murder Mystery Cruises”. We received this callous response, “Although we now understand POMC’s viewpoint, we have contracts with groups for future mystery cruises and cannot cancel them.” (Obviously they didn’t understand).

March, 1995
Judges of Macomb County, Michigan
POMC protested these Judges idea of “fun” in participating in a “Murder Mystery” to help raise money. These judges, who preside over the trials of many of our members, made an appalling decision to participate in this event.

March, 1995
St. Michael’s Catholic School, West Memphis
POMC protested this church’s hosting of a “Murder Dinner Theatre” to raise funds. We received no response.

March, 1995
Id Software
POMC protested Id Software, makers of the game, “Doom”. Doom gives computer users realistic death matches on their computer screens. We received no response.

March, 1995
St. Mary of the Woods College
POMC protested their hosting of murder mysteries.

March, 1995
The National Examiner
POMC protested this magazine’s coverage of the OJ Simpson murder trial. The response we received was typical of this type of publication – “We are not exploiting the tragedy or using it to entertain our readers”. “The murder scene photos were introduced at the trial, making them vital evidence that will help America determine his guilt or innocence”. HELLO? We thought that was the job of the jury!

March, 1995
Borderline Productions, Inc.
POMC protested the production of the game, “Play O.J.” distributed by Borderline Productions. We received no response.

July, 1996
Mystery Cafe – Golden Valley, MN
POMC protested their hosting of continual “Murder Mysteries” at their restaurant. The owner replied, “I cannot discontinue my mystery productions, however I will take the word ‘murder’ out of the heading, and replace it with ‘mystery'”.

May, 1996
Association for Death Education and Counseling
POMC protested the inclusion of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiners office items in the Silent Auction to benefit students attending ADEC. We received this response from the President of the ADEC, “As the president of ADEC, I must bear ultimate responsibility for the display of these items, and I offer you my sincerest apology.”

April, 1996
Putnam Valley Parks & Recreation
POMC protested this organization’s hosting of a “Murder Mystery Cafe”. We received a response which stated, “Their intentions were innocent. They didn’t mean to offend anyone, make light of murder, or to desensitize our youth.”

April, 1996
Putnam Valley Middle School
This school district was holding Murder Mysteries as events for students in grades 5 through 8. They stopped this practice after POMC protested them.

March, 1996
POMC protested their ad which featured, “Beginning March 2, 1996, it will be easier than ever for you to stay in touch with your friends and family. Inmate Collect allows inmates simple access to their loved ones!”

May, 1997
Literacy Volunteers of America – Albany
POMC protested their fundraiser that centered around murder, complete with fiction characters from children’s books as the key players in the mock murder trial. We received no response.

April, 1997
Globe Communications Corp.
POMC protested the publication of Jon Benet Ramsey’s crime scene photos in the January 21, 1997 edition of Globe. We received a response which stated, “I will not tell you that the Globe will no longer publish crime scene photos. You can be assured, however, that we will carefully weigh the news value of any photo that contains a depiction of a victim against the sensitivities that your group has defined for us in your letters. Recently, for instance, we turned down photos of Ennis Cosby’s body that were aired on CNN”.

March, 1997
Florida Department of Corrections
POMC protested a Halloween Party held by a probation and parole office which hosted a “murder mystery”. We received an “apology” for offending us.

January, 1997
Eddie Bauer
POMC protested a “murder”puzzle that was distributed by Eddie Bauer in their Christmas Catalog. We received this response, “We regret deeply that it did (offend you) and will be more thoughtful in the development and purchase of such items in the future.” Eddie Bauer also made a $100.00 donation to POMC.

November, 1998
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
POMC protested the appearance of characters from the Broadway play entitled, “Capeman” from appearing on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The characters were pulled from the float as a result of our efforts.

November, 1998
Capeman – a Broadway Play by Paul Simon
POMC protested this play portraying the life of a murderer, and after one month, the play was closed down. The New York Chapters of POMC were heavily involved in this MINE Alert.

November, 1998
Portage, Ohio City Manager
POMC protested the city’s third annual “Murder Mystery Dinner” at the Hayloft Theatre in Portage. We received a response which stated, “The City of Portage does not promote violence and will continue to be sensitive to such issues in future events and planning”.

November, 1998
Miami Shores Brockway Memorial Library
POMC protested their third annual “Murder Mystery” night at the library. We received no response.

November, 1998
The Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arizona
POMC protested their “Murder Mystery” hosted at their hotel. We received no response.

October, 1998
Washington-Centerville Public Library
POMC protested this library hosting a “killer event for teens in grades 9 through 12”. They had a “Murder in the Library”. We received no response.

March, 1998
St. Mary’s Women’s Guild, New Bedford, Maine
POMC protested their hosting of “Deadman and Robin” murder mystery dinner theater. We received no response.

March, 1998
Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
POMC protested their distribution of stamps commemorating a convicted murderer, Karla Faye Tucker. We received no response.

March, 1998
Denver Museum of Natural History
POMC protested the presentation of Whodunit? the Science of Solving Crime. We received a letter which stated, “We value your opinions and will keep them in mind when we make programming choices in the future.

December, 1999
MOJO 94.9 – Cincinnati, Ohio
POMC protested the hosts, after reading an advertisement for Schuler’s New Years Eve party’s Murder Mystery, make like of the mystery by making comments such as, “Come and get murdered”. We received no response.

December, 1999
Attorney Michael Axt of Denver, Colorado
POMC protested Mr. Axt’s portrayal of the Columbine High School tragedy on his Christmas Cards. We received no response, however this insensitive card and its sender was featured in several national newspapers. Hopefully Mr. Axt will be more sensitive in the future.

December, 1999
Candid Camera
POMC protested an episode of Candid Camera which portrayed a chalk outline of a homicide victim in a home being viewed by “prospective new owners”. Their attempt to make light of murder was sick! We received an apology from Candid Camera.

October, 1999
Learning Works
POMC protested Learning Works sale of CD’s promoting murder and violence. We received no response.

October, 1999
The Acadia Community Theatre
POMC protested the “Murder Mystery” put out by this group and hosted by the Deckhouse Restaurant. We received no response.

October, 1999
Christ Episcopal Church – New Jersey
POMC protested Christ Church’s sponsorship of a “Mystery Murder” evening. We received no response but it is our hope that Christ Church will be more sensitive in the future in regards to fundraisers.

August, 1999
Einstein PCS Stores
POMC protested an ad by Einstein PCS Stores featuring “A fully loaded digital phone” complete with gun. We received this response, “I must claim innocence with regard to your interpretation of our advertisement. We would never be flip with this or any other sensitive subject matter.”

September, 2000
Court TV’s “Confessions”
In one of our biggest MINE protests, POMC members took on nationally broadcast Court TV and their new, controversial show, “Confessions”. This show portrayed actual confessions from convicted murderers, who brutally and horrifically described in detail their crimes. In just two weeks, Court TV, after receiving unrelenting emails, letters, and calls from our members, PULLED the show.

August, 2000
Death Row Marv

POMC protested this “toy”, distributed by McFarlane Toys, which depicted “Marv” sitting in his own electric chair, and when the switch is pulled, his eyes lit up, he convulsed, and he said, “Is this the best you can do, you pansies?” We received several emails from this toy’s supporters, trying to convince us of it’s “harmlessness”, but we received no response from its manufacturer, McFarlane Toys. Marketing Murder for Profit!

April, 2000
Dixie Chicks and their song, “Goodbye Earl”
POMC protested these singers and their song, “Goodbye Earl”, which portrayed the pre-meditated murder of Earl. We received no response, and sadly, this song went on to win a Grammy.

March, 2000
The Lion and The Lamb Bed and Breakfast
POMC protested the “entertainment” put on by this facility. We received no response.

February, 2000
POMC exhaustively protested Italian Clothing Manufacturer Benetton, in its use of Death Row Inmates in their $20 million dollar advertising campaign, “We on Death Row”. Several other Victims Rights Organizations joined us in this nationwide protest. John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted also helped in our effort. Thanks to our members, Sears Department Stores pulled the Benetton clothing line from their shelves, and the photographer, Oliverio Toscani, was “let go” from Benetton. Currently, Attorney General Jay Nixon of Missouri is suing Benetton for false representation in gaining photographs of the inmates.

February, 2000
eBay Online Auction Website
POMC has continually encouraged its members to protest eBay, for their sale of actual crime scene photos on their national website. After many news stories regarding this practice, we received the response from eBay that, “We have changed the way we advertise these types of materials – but that it really up to the user to ‘screen’ the sites they see, and report what they see to us.” Hello? Why should the public screen THEIR site? This type of item should not be allowed to be sold. Period.

February, 2000
Birmingham Museum of Art
POMC protested their “Murder Mystery” dinner theatre production. We received the following response, “Murder mysteries are part of our culture”. Hello? Whose culture is this person referring to?

February, 2000
American Academy of Bereavement
POMC protested the AAB for hosting a “Murder Mystery Dinner” at their third Annual National Conference!

June, 2001
Project Justice
For only $19.95, you can now own the video game, “Project Justice” created by Capcom. This new video game, rated for “teen” audiences, is a sequel to the game, “Rival Schools”, also created by Capcom.

A description of this game taken from the Capcom web site states: “A group of long time friends unite in the pursuit of honor and excellence in Project Justice. Setting all past rivalries aside, they now band together to uncover the mystery behind an unusual series of events. Join over 20 playable characters, each with their own unique skills and custom attacks, as they compete in beautifully rendered 3-D worlds. Assemble your team and perform incredible moves like the Burning Vigor Attack, Textbook Combo and the Triple Team-Up Technique all for one united goal…Project Justice!”

The setting for this new game – a SCHOOL! These characters can effectively “kill” each other on the school’s football field, in the school parking lot, even in the auditorium! For those of you who can receive email attachments, attached to this email is a screenshot of one of the many “3-D” worlds of the “Project Justice” video game – this scene depicting a character “boxing” a school cheerleader in the school’s courtyard.

Has society become so insensitive to violence that it will even accept games of violence set in a school yard?

If you find this game offensive, please contact the maker’s of this product at:
Kenzo Tsujimoto, President
Capcom Co., Ltd.

Let him know that Murder is NOT Entertainment!

June, 2001
Murder Mystery as Reality Show!
POMC protested the sponsors and the Fox Broadcasting company for their reality show, “Murder In Small Town X”. We received no responses.

April, 2001
Wife Beaters
The National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.® has learned of another web site which promotes violence.

Wife Beaters at sells T-shirts which say “Wife Beater”. These T-shirts sell for $20.00 each and if you send in “proof of conviction, i.e. restraining order, court conviction, etc.” that you have been convicted of domestic violence, you can get your second T-shirt at HALF Price!

They also offer in limited quantity, “Lil’ Wife Beaters” T-shirts for your young children starting from 3 months of age!

This web site gives you the choice to “Customize” your T-shirt with cigarette holes, blood, or natural light.

If you would like to voice your outrage regarding this web site which promotes violence, you can contact them at:

Wife Beaters
P.O. Box 59721
Dallas, Texas 75229

March, 2001
Joseph R. Palmer Library
The library management hosted a Murder Mystery in order to raise funds. POMC protested the mudder mystery but received no response.

March, 2001
The Johnson Smith Company
The Johnson Smith Company is offering products that everyone needs in their homes!

You can order such products as the “Mad Mother Shower Curtain” – the description of this product is, “white with a large black silhouette of a woman holding a knife in the stabbing position of the movie ‘Psycho'”. It is only $14.98 for this wonderful item.

Or you can purchase “Fake Bullet Holes” and the ad reads, “Realistic decals. Strikingly effective on cars, windows, or other objects. Looks like you’ve been shot”. The “bullet holes” sell for the discounted price of only $1.69.

If you are as appalled at these products as we are, you can contact the Johnson-Smith Company at:

Things You Never Knew Existed
Johnson-Smith Company
PO Box 25600
Bradenton, Florida 34206-5600
1.800.843.0762 (phone)
1.800.551.4406 (fax) (email)

February, 2001
LTD Commodities, Inc.
POMC was successful in protesting the product “How To Host A Murder”, offered by LTD commodities.

February, 2001
Stanley “Tookie” WilliamsThe National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.® has learned that the sure fire way to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is to become a convicted murderer and reside on death row for the last 20 years!

Stanley “Tookie” Williams, Co-founder of the street gang, the Crips, was convicted in 1981 of murdering 4 people and currently resides on Death Row at San Quentin prison in California.

Starting in 1987, he spent 6 and 1/2 years in solitary confinement and started to “look at himself”, and today, he “regrets” the violent history of the Crips.

Williams is now writing Children’s Books – in an attempt to keep youth from joining a gang.

Instead of glorifying a convicted murderer, why wouldn’t the Nobel Foundation honor the hundreds of thousands of children’s books authors who AREN’T on death row (for the past 20 years!) Why would anyone choose to even nominate a convicted murderer for an award such as a Nobel Peace Prize??

If you are as outraged as we are, please write to the following:

Nobel Foundation
Box 5232 SE 102 45

Email: prize for literature)

Email: (Nobel Peace Prize)

Stanley “Tookie” Williams even has his own web site, that is hosted FREE by Cybernet Communications Incorporated. The webmaster, invites comments. “Tookie” even has his own email! (We wonder how he retrieves it?) The webmaster, Barbara Becknell, is affiliated with the “Institute for the Prevention of Youth Violence” at 686 South Arroyo Parkway, #224, Pasadena, California 91105.

We ask, “Is promoting a convicted murderer on death row a good model for preventing youth violence?”

January, 2001
We would like to share with you a comment from a POMC Member in which she states: “I am absolutely FURIOUS. The other day my daughter was doing some research on the internet and stumbled on to a site called Pen Pals In Prison. She clicked on the Female category, then our state. There she saw the name Angela which is the name of the woman responsible for my son’s murder. She clicked on the name and when the page appeared there was her picture, the very same woman, a big smile and sexy pose. She described herself as sensitive, outgoing, bubbly, optimistic, sincere, sentimental, affectionate person, always up to challenges. “I strive to be upbeat always, even in adverse situations.” She was looking for a man to correspond with and hopefully build a relationship. This is a woman who abused her daughter and my son, is a compulsive liar and a master at manipulation. Her answer to a slight is murder.”

National POMC did some “investigating” and found out that this horrid web site, does exist, and what is even as sickening as the web site is the fact that the web site owner CHARGES MONEY in order for someone to PURCHASE an inmate’s address to be able to write to them – this web site owner is PROFITTING from murder!!!

It states on their web site that, “PENPALS-N-PRISON.COM was created to bring together lonely inmates with people in the outside world.”

National POMC has protested this type of site before, and we’ve been informed that since it is run by a “private individual” that there is really not a thing we can so. We think differently!

You can contact the Penpals-N-Prisons web site owner at:

621 Fairview Road, Suite 424
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29680

OR, here’s a different approach. Web sites need “hosts” to be able to be on the Internet to begin with. Someplace where the web site is “stored” so that we all may be able to see it. Let’s appeal to the HOST of this horrid web site and DEMAND that they remove it from their servers IMMEDIATELY! If we can’t appeal to the morals of the web site owner, maybe the Host of this site does have morals and will hear our voices. (At least we can continue to make it as difficult as possible for the owner of this site to keep it on the Internet!!)

The Host of the Penpals-N-Prison web site is:
Backroads Internet Access
P.O. Box 1636
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
1.864.984.2830 (Mike Heggie)

DEMAND that they remove from their servers immediately! Let them know that you will encourage ALL South Carolina residents NOT to use as an Internet Service Provider!

January, 2001
Harrah’s CasinoPOMC was successful in protesting “Hot Cup of Murder”, a murder mystery hosted by Harrah’s Casino.

March, 2002
CBS Documentary
POMC was contacted by a widow and mother, victims of 911 asking for POMC’s help. On Sunday, March 10 ( the eve of the 6 month anniversary) CBS plans on airing a documentary which includes 45 minutes of video shot inside the WTC as the first plane was striking Tower 1 through to the collapse of both towers. Tell CBS what you think by either signing on to their website ( and making a comment in the “feedback” section, or writing them at 7800 Beverly Hillds Blvd., LA CA 90036. Or call (212) 975-4321.

April, 2004
Lee statue will go up, council says
Council members vote to go ahead with the statue despite public outcry By Rachel Olsen

WASHINGTON CITY — Washington City ultimately decided Wednesday night to “stick to (their) guns,” as Councilman Roger Bundy put it, regarding the issue of the John D. Lee statue.

Council members met in a special meeting to discuss the emotions surrounding the erection of the statue in Monument Plaza, and hashed out the different responses Mayor Terrill Clove and other council members have received.

April , 2004
How can you make a difference?
Just decide which network and prime time show(s) you wish to comment on…

Then take action! Write a short note, call, or send an e-mail. Every telephone call, letter, and e-mail really does make a difference! Please contact the networks today!

When you contact them what do you tell them?

  • Name the show.
  • Tell them if you approve or disapprove of it.
  • Give your reasons why.
  • Say if you will or will not watch the show.
  • Say you are also contacting the advertisers and your local network affiliates as well ( ABC | CBS | Fox | NBC | Pax | UPN | WB ).
  • Say you support the efforts of the Parents Television Council!

April , 2004
FTC to Accept Complaints about Media ViolenceThe Federal Trade Commission has expanded its consumer complaint handling system to categorize and track complaints about media violence, including complaints about the advertising, marketing, and sale of violent movies, electronic games (including video games), and music. The expanded complaint system, implemented in response to Congressional directives, will enable the Commission to track consumer complaints about media violence and identify issues of particular concern to consumers. Consumers who wish to file complaints may use the Commission’s online complaint form, available at, or call toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). Consumers should direct complaints regarding the content of television programing to the Federal Communications Commission at

April, 2005
Central Crossing High School
POMC was successful in protesting the “Murder Mystery Dinner”, hosted by Central Crossing High School.

October, 2009
Murder Mystery Event for Children 8-10 years of agePOMC was successful in protesting the “Murder Mystery Lock-in for Children ages 8-12 years”, hosted by Vogelson Regional Branch Library in Voorhees, NJ. In the future the library plans to seek outdifferentt kind of mystery programs that focus on nonviolent crimes.

July, 2010
DisneylandPOMC protested Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Exhibit, where there’s a series of wedding portraits, all featuring the same bride, but with different grooms. The groom’s heads disappear and reappear and then, the bride figure has holographic arms that are holding an axe, that doesn’t seem very Disney.

August, 2010
Oxford Community FoundationPOMC protested a murder mystery dinner fundraiser hosted by the Oxford Community Foundation in Ohio. The hour-long show was called “A Carpenter House Caper.” The main character of the show, holds this party once a year to hold her money over her head that everyone comes to and at the end of the first act, she is killed and during the second act the participants will interact with the detective to help solve the murder.
The performance will be put on by the Murder Mystery Players from Cincinnati on Oct. 10.

October, 2010
Salvation ArmyPOMC was successful in protesting the “Murder Mystery dinner fundraiser for Salvation Army”, in Latrobe, PA.

March, 2011
“Murder Me Always” Murder Mystery DinnerPOMC protested a murder mystery dinner fundraiser being staged by volunteers through the Murrysville Recreation Department in PA. It will be presented Friday evening March 25 and Saturday afternoon March 26, 2011

April, 2011
“Death by Chocolate”POMC was successful in protesting a murder mystery called “Death by Chocolate”, held at children’s museum in Wichita, KS.

April, 2011
“Murder in the Stockade Inn”POMC was successful in protesting the “Murder Mystery Dinner & Entertainment” at the Stockade Inn in Schenectady, New York.

February 2012
Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery Dinner
POMC protested a Valentine’s Day murder mystery called  “Murder, Mayhem and the Marshmallow Salad hosted by Gandy Dancer Theatre in Elkins, WV.

February 2012
“10 Ways to kill your husband”
POMC protested a play called “10 ways to kill your husband” hosted by The Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights, IL.

March 2012
Jeffrey Dahmer walking tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
POMC protested a walking tour of the bars where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer met and hung out with some of his victims. More information about the tour is available on Dahmar Tours website at

April 2012
Mystery dinner in Ayer
POMC protested a murder mystery dinner hosted by Caleb Butler Lodge, in Ayer, MA.

July 2013
Murder-mystery show on ABC
POMC protested a murder-mystery reality show on ABC called “Whodunnit”, in which every contestant except the winner will be brutally “killed off.” 

July 2013
Murder-mystery Mayhem
POMC was successful in protesting a Murder Mystery Mayhem at Scottsdale Civic Center Library in Arizona. This mystery was offered to the children between 10 and 18.

September 2013
Sons Of Anarchy TV show
POMC protested a TV Show named Sons Of Anarchy, which aired on FX channel. The show featured a storyline about a young boy who pulls a gun out of his backpack and begins shooting in school.

October, 2015
Murder Mystery Dinner Show
POMC protested a murder mystery Dinner Show at the pier in Old Orchard Beach in ME.
POMC executive director, Dan Levey wrote a letter to Pier Owner in protest of the show. The entertainment officer sincerely apologized saying”The folks at the OOB Pier and we, at Mystery for Hire, sincerely apologize if our entertainment brings harm to anyone who has lost loved ones to muder”.

April, 2016
Murder Mystery Dinner
POMC protested a murder mystery Dinner called “Murder at the Malt Shop” at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in Aston, PA. POMC executive director Dan Levey wrote a protest letter to St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church requesting the dinner show be cancelled or at minimum an apology be issued to all those who have lost loved ones to murder.

May, 2018
Dinner Detective
Please sign the Mine Petition to protest the Interactive Mystery Dinner Show at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas, TX

September, 2018
Murder Mystery Dinner
Please sign the Mine Petition to protest the Interactive Mystery Dinner Show at Elks Delray Beach Lodge in Delray Beach, FL

November, 2019
Murder House Flip TV Show By Quibi
Please sign the following mine petition to protest the new television show Murder House Flip to be presented by Quibi. Quibi is a new streaming service which will be introduced in April 2020. Those of us who have experienced the real thing Do Not find it entertaining, in fact, we find it cruel and insensitive.

Below is a current list of petitions. Simply click-on the link to print the petition. Obtain signatures and mail it to the Address listed in the upper left hand corner of the petition.

Alibaba Group
Liberty Global
NBC Universal
Sony Pictures
The Walt Disney Company
Warner Media

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