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Catch A Killer

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Click on links below to read about our unsolved cases.

Case #1 Re: Lori Ann Hill State: Ohio
Case #2 Re: James L. Smith & John P. Mattmiller State: NC
Case #3 Re: Doris Bertsch State: Kentucky
Case #4 Re: Theodore C. Carleton State: Texas
Case #5 Re: Michael Bruce State: Illinois
Case #6 Re: Patris Derville State: New York
Murderer CAUGHT in CASE SIX!
Case #7 Re: Robert Jude Nanni State: Florida
Case #8 Re: Alisa Newton Heinsohn State: Texas
Case #9 Re: Tamara (Tami) Eve Tignor State: New Jersey
Case #10 Re: Elward J. Alexander III State: Maryland
Case #11 Re: Joshua Wolfe State: Massachusetts
Case #12 Re: Melvin Anthony Nieves, Jr.State: New York
Case #13 Re: Gregory Jukiewicz State: Colorado
Case #14 Re: Kristie Lynn Gunderson Lee State: Florida
Case #15 Re: Rakeim Graves State: Pennsylvania
Case #16 Re: Isaac DawkinsState: Georgia
Case #17 Re: Patricia Ann ScovilleState: Vermont
Case #18 Re: David Norred State: Alabama
Case #19 Re: Sean Burgado State: Hawaii
Case #20 Re: Sheila Patterson ManleyState: SC
Case #21 Re: Orlando Harris State: Pennsylvania
Case #22 Re: Clifford Johnson, Jr. and Timothy NobleState: Georgia
Case #23 Re: Erica Espinoza State: Texas
Case #24 Re: Tanya Gelzer State: New York
Case #25 Re: Jerry Alter State: Michigan
Case #26 Re: Casperin Amory Hernandez and Noel Wendell Hernandez State: Illinois
Case #27 Re: Jamal R. Smith State: Pa
Case #28 Re: Cara’ J. DavenportState: Mo
Case #29 Re: Michael R. Sarniak, Sr. State: Illinois
Case #30 Re: Michael Cory Lee State: California
Case #31 Re: Kristin Laurite State: Arkansas
Case #32 Re: Dennis Gruszewski State: Ohio
Case #33 Re: Richard A. Lopez State: California
Case #34 Re: Jill-Lyn Euto State: New York
Case #35 Re: Tavaneka Nicole Sellers State: Alabama
Case #36 Re: Keith Mann State: Texas
Case #37 Re: Patricia “Trish” Andreau State: Florida
Case #38 Re: Jeffery Allen Ola State: Tennessee
Case #39 Re: Joseph Paul Gallico State: Florida
Case #40 Re: John Edward Fabela State: Florida
Case #41 Re: Patrick F. Rutter State: PA
Case #42 Re: Heath Dean Rutherford State: Ohio
Case #43 Re: Cayci Rebekah Higgins State: Tennessee
Case #44 Re: Cheryl Lynn Blake State: Texas
Case #45 Re: Joshua Kale Wheeler State: Missouri
Case #46 Re: Michelle O’keefe.cfm State: California
Case #47 Re: Tommy Linae Winn State: California
Case #48 Re: Charles Martin State: New Jersey
Case #49 Re: Alexander Costas State: Florida
Case #50 Re: Mandy K. Alexander State: Kansas
Case #51 Re: Robert Glenn Armfield State: Illinois
Case #52 Re: Nicholas Markowitz State: California
Murderer CAUGHT in CASE Fifty Two!
Case #53 Re: Arica Schneider and Sam “Frost” Holley
State: New York
Case #54 Re: Dean M. Meade State: CT
Case #55 Re: Sharon Thor State: New Jersey
Case #56 Re: Brian Boothe State: New York
Case #57 Re: Nicholas Eshoo & Anthony Joseph DeJesus State: Florida
Case #58 Re: Emily Jeanette GarciaState: Texas
Case #59 Re: Robert Cruz State: Arizona
Case #60 Re: Naomi Kidder State: Wyoming
Case #61 Re: sean Eric Webb State: Maryland
Case #62 Re: Brian August Rickmers State: New Jersey
Case #63 Re: Janelle Johnson State: Wyoming
Case #64 Re: Tammy Michelle Dively State: Wyoming
Case #65 Re: Edward W. Peckham State: Wyoming
Case #66 Re: Porter Randell Weed State: Wyoming
Case #67 Re: Henry Melcher State: Wyoming
Case #68 Re: Danny Moser State: Wyoming
Case #69 Re: Raymond (Butch) E. Weed State: Maine
Case #70 Re: Christopher B. Elser State: MD
Case #71 Re: Nancy-Stewart-Hranko-Williams State: Georgia
Case #72 Re: Anthony P. Agazio State: Michigan
Case #73 Re: Jason Eric Stief State: PA
Case #74 Re: Duane Obremski State: Indiana
Case #75 Re: Michael Berrios State: New York
Case #76 Re: Tina Louise Leone State: Maryland
Case #77 Re: Rachael Koloroutis State: Texas
Case #78 Re: Courtney Megan Coco State: Louisiana
Case #79 Re: James Laskey Ramirez State: California
Murderer CAUGHT in CASE Seventy Nine!
Case #80 Re: Brittany Phillips State: Oklahoma
Case #81 Re: Clifford D. Dillon State: Nevada
Case #82 Re: Melissa Dawn Strickland State: Arizona
Case #83 Re: Chris Fields State: California
Case #84 Re: Glen Anthony Davenport State: Florida
Case #85 Re: Brittany Danielle McGlone State: Texas
Case #86 Re: Amanda Myrlene Fleetwood State: Texas
Case #87 Re: George Flores State: Texas
Murderer CAUGHT in CASE Eighty Seven!
Case #88 Re: Nina Ingram State: Arkansas
Case #89 Re: Ann Marie Selak State: PA
Case #90 Re: Jim Bowerman State: Florida
Case #91 Re: Nicholas James Bilek State: Illinois
Case #92 Re: Hank Johnson State: Texas
Case #93 Re: Matthew B. Novak State: PA
Case #94 Re: Fard Simms State: PA
Murderers CAUGHT in CASE Ninety Four!
Case #95 Re: Alex Cortes and Able Silva State: CA
Case #96 Re: Evaristo “Juny” Sierra State: Texas
Case #97 Re: Ryan Adam Moon State: Texas
Case #98 Re: Herbert E Seymour Jr. State: California
Case #99 Re: Jacob Rogers State: Florida
Case #100 Re: Beth Marie Hicks State: Texas
Case #101 Re: Taylor Nichole Gruwell-Miller State: Texas

To view the unsolved cases, click on the links above. To submit a case for inclusion on this page, send an email to along with as much of the information listed below as possible. Or you may mail it to the address listed at the bottom of this page.If your case is unsolved and you would like to post the details surrounding the murder of your loved one on our web site in hopes of identifying the murderer or gaining additional information, please provide the following:

    • Victim’s name and photograph if possible
    • Composite of murderer – if applicable
    • When the murder happened
    • Where the murder happened
    • How the murder happened
    • Clothing worn
    • Time of day
    • Manner of death
    • Any witnesses (if known)
    • Location (City, State, Street address)
    • If a car is involved, provide make, model, color, etc.
    • Any information from possible witnesses
    • Any facts as you know them.


Any additional information that you believe may be necessary to help identify the murderer. Please be as specific as possible. You also need to send us articles to verify your information before we post your case on the web site. You can send this information either by email, or by sending it to:The National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.®
635 West 7th Street, Suite 307
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

IMPORTANT: Please provide a contact name along with a phone number so if/when any information is obtained from this web site, it can be sent or called in to you. If you are a visitor to this site, and you have information on any of these cases, please provide the facts either by email, by calling National Headquarters at 513-721-5683 or by mailing the information to the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.®, 635 West 7th Street, Suite 307 Cincinnati, Ohio 45203. You can remain anonymous. When providing any information, always include the reference number. If your loved one’s case is solved, please let us know!

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