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VINE Program

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What is the VINE Program?
VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. VINE’s purpose is to assist crime victims and other concerned persons by providing continual access to inmate custody and case information via the telephone. This 24-hour information hotline allows crime victims to verify the custody status of an inmate and automatically notifies registered users if the inmate has a change in custody or case status.

When was VINE developed?
VINE was created in 1994 after the tragic death of Mary Byron in Louisville, Kentucky. An ex-boyfriend murdered Mary when he was released from jail without her knowledge. A notification call from police, that was promised but not delivered, set the stage for the development of the nation’s first totally automated service for keeping crime victims informed of an inmate’s custody status.

How does VINE work?
VINE is a fully automated computer service that electronically links inmate custody information at the local jail or state prison to the VINE call center. When new inmate custody information is sent to the VINE call center, VINE compares the inmate information to a list of users who have registered with the service. When it finds a match it immediately places calls to the appropriate registered individual(s). VINE may also monitor court information by connecting to on-site case management systems at the prosecutor or district attorney’s office.

You must be a registered user to be able to use the VINE program. You can register any phone number in the United States, and you can also register to track as many offenders as you would like. Registration is anonymous.

How Can I Find Out if VINE is in MY area?
VINE only monitors inmates who are in the custody of participating agencies. If you need more information on VINE in your area, call VINE’s 24 hour customer service center at 1.800.865.4314. Simply go to the operator and tell her that you would like the phone number for the VINE program in your area.

Currently, VINE serves more than 650 counties across the United States.

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