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Senate and Congress

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Senate and Congress
Only the National Board of Trustees can approve the POMC® name to be used to support or oppose specific legislation. It would be impossible for POMC to take a stand on certain issues and continue to work effectively with all survivors of homicide victims.We do, however, encourage survivors acting as individuals to become active in changing laws and enacting policies that are important to them.To change laws and enact policies, it is important to contact the proper government officials.To visit the official site of the U.S. Senate, please visit: To contact the Senators of the 114th Congress, click here. This is an official listing of all contact information for our Senators.To visit the official site of the House of Representatives, please visit: To write your local Representative, click here. It will ask you to enter your State and Zip Code to find your appropriate Representative.Let them know what you think. Let them know what they can do for you .

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