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Why Are We Here?

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POMC provides the on-going emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a “new life” and to promote a healthy resolution. Not only does POMC help survivors deal with their acute grief but also helps with the criminal justice system.

The staff of the National Headquarters of POMC will assist any survivor and if possible, link that survivor with others in the same vicinity who have survived their loved one’s murder. In addition, the staff is available to provide individual assistance, support and advocacy. The staff will help interested parents or immediate family members form a chapter of POMC in their community.

POMC will provide training to professionals in such fields as law enforcement, mental health, social work, community services, law, criminal justice, medicine, education, religion, the media and mortuary science who are interested in learning more about survivors of homicide victims and the aftermath of murder.

For more information, POMC has provided the article, “Survivors of Homicide Victims

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