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National Organization of
Parents Of Murdered Children
For the families and friends of those who have died by violence

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POMC 38th Annual National Conference

Date:  July 18-21, 2024
Place: Harrah’s
3475 Las Vegas Blvd. SouthLas Vegas, Nevada 89109

Harrah’s Reservations can be booked using:

The phone number for room reservations is 1-800-CAESARS (223-7277)
ONLINE Conference Registration
2024 Conference Brochure

The Big Turn Off
The Big Turn Off is scheduled for the second Wednesday in January which is January 10, 2023. This annual event is asking citizens to turn off their television for three hours during the prime-time segment of programming, to protest TV violence. The average child, watching the average amount of television, will witness 200,000 acts of violence by age 18. The goal of  Big Turn Off is to empower people to object to what they find offensive and send a message that promotes non-violent programming.

Kids Wish Network’s
Hero of the Month Program
Kids Wish Network selects our kid heroes for their positivity and ability to overcome adversities by inspiring others. Some of the Hero program’s automatic qualifiers include children between the ages of 3 and 18 (nominated by the age of 17) who are grieving the loss of a sibling, parent (legal guardians as well), or who have a parent undergoing cancer treatment. They reward qualifying Heroes with a generous retail gift card, Hero bear, Hero shirt, and a certificate to honor their bravery. Please click Hero of the Month Program for additional information and application form

The Mission of POMC

The National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children makes the difference through ongoing emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness. 

POMC Vision Statement

To provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while working to create a world free of murder.

History of POMC

Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. was founded by Robert and Charlotte Hullinger in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978 after the murder of their 19-year-old daughter, Lisa, by a former boyfriend…

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POMC Catalog and Report

Download our Catalog

Check out our Annual Report


Every Donation Helps

All donations go to help the families and friends of those who’ve died by violence
(We keep our donor’s information confidential)

Survivor Support

Grief does not just "go away" with time; you have to work through it. Click here to read more.

Online Support

Get information on open cases, repeat offender stories or info on POMC's Parole Block Program.

Legal / Professional

See guidelines on victim impact statements, current legislation and tips from survivors of violence.

Parole Block Program

For survivors of homicide victims, the early release or parole of convicted murderers is seen as a denigration of their loved one’s and results in extremely intensified emotions.

Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.’s, Parole Block Program strives to give survivors a sense of control…

Second Opinion

The purpose of Second Opinion Services (S.O.S.) is to provide answers to questions and concerns regarding a death and subsequent investigation.  A volunteer board of medical, law enforcement and investigative experts provide an independent objective viewpoint based on existing evidence…

Ask the Experts

POMC has found that too often, survivors of homicide victims are left with unanswered questions. Please feel free to ask our experts any general question…

Mine Program

Murder is a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry that encourages society’s indifference to the seriousness of crime and violence in this country. “Murdertainment” continues to revictimize those who have already been affected by the murder of a loved one, ignores the aftermath of murder…

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635 West 7th Street Suite 307
Cincinnati, Ohio 45203


phone: (513) 721-5683

Fax: (513) 345-4489

Conference Co-Chair: Connie Sheely
(507) 358-4017

National Director: Bev Warnock
(888) 818-7662 or (513) 721-5683

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