Yvonne Schlicht Workman
27 Years Old

September 12, 1955 to March 7, 1983

Yvonne Schlicht Workman, of Madison, Wisconsin, and Atlanta, Georgia, was kind and compassionate, vibrant and intelligent. She smiled often, was warm and outgoing. She loved children, brought home friends who needed help or advice, picked up stray dogs (not always welcome) and was devoted to her work with the developmentally disabled.

This is how Yvonne appeared to her mother on her wedding day in August, 1979: "I see her radiant, I see her a little scared as she goes through the graceful steps like a ballerina-greeting people, welcoming them and making them feel comfortable. She exudes and radiates warmth and life, and she is so mature and so childishly spontaneous at the same time-so much herself."

In her diary she says: "This book shall be my most honest image of myself. I have so much inside of me...I get so frightened about things - about life - my life."

Later, after Yvonne, her husband another young man were killed execution style in their apartment, we were told that her husband was heavily involved in drugs and that he abused and threatened her.

The last entry in her diary says: "I am trapped. So insecure, so confused. What should I do? I've let myself fall into a lifestyle that might not be me. I feel so dependent, so unimportant. I try so hard. What am I doing with my life...Sometimes I am so frightened because it is so wrong...so unfair...so scary."

Yvonne was very close to her family; her two younger brothers Brian and Michael, her stepbrother and stepsister Ronnie and Andrea, and had many good friends.

Yvonne got her Bachelor's degree in 1977, and her M.A. in Behavioral disabilities in 1979 from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Yvonne, age 27, of Madison, Wisconsin, and Atlanta, Georgia, was shot execution style in her apartment together with her husband and another young man. She was bound, blindfolded and gagged, and then shot in the head.

The apartment was ransacked, her dog was locked in the bathroom. Three men were seen leaving by car, according to a neighbor. To this day the crime remains unsolved.

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Yvonne Workman