William D. Neidlinger, Jr.
25 Years Old

January 19, 1965 to April 24, 1990

Bill was born in St. Joseph, Michigan. He attended Lakeshore Public Schools and graduated in 1983.

After graduation, Bill went to Texas to train for Telephone Cable Splicing. He returned to Michigan in November 1985. He worked in Illinois and Indiana until 1989.

Bill loved all sports and played football and baseball in school. He also loved fishing, hunting, skiing and snowmobiling.

In April 1989, Bill purchased his first home in La Porte, Indiana. He was so proud at age 24 to have his starter-home. We were proud of him, too. However; by October 1989, work was running-out in Indiana and Bill had to go to Maryland to work. That job only lasted about three weeks, so from there, he went to New Hampshire. Bill always called us to make sure everything was okay.

Bill’s favorite holiday was Christmas. He always made it home for Christmas. Just to see him come through the doorway with his big smile and dancing eyes made our day. We miss that so much.

Bill was very kind, loving and caring. If anyone needed help, Bill was there to do whatever he could do. We brought our children up to be this way, never knowing that someday this would lead to his death.

Bill had many friends and was very well-liked; his funeral showed it. Everyone misses him so much.

There are always flowers on Bill’s grave put there by friends and family.

We had Bill for a short time but he left many good memories. He was such a good son…


Bill began working in New Hampshire in November 1989. He came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas that year.

In March 1990, Bill called to say he had been robbed while he was at work. A police report was made and one name on it was Elmer Lee Barron. Bill did not believe he did it. He trusted the guy. He even loaned Barron a substantial amount of money to get his own apartment and some furniture. That loan was made in February 1990 and Barron started missing work and finally was let go from Telephone Cable Splicing.

On April 23rd, 1990 at about 9AM, Bill was seen leaving Sea Spiral Apartments in Hampton Beach where he lived, following Elmer Barron in his truck.

Bill never came to work the next day and a Missing Person Report was made as Bill never missed work.

On the 25th, Barron showed-up at Sea Spiral saying he was looking for Bill to pay him some money back. He denied seeing or being with Bill on the 23rd until a witness confronted him. Then he claimed he paid him some money that night and said Bill must have gone to Boston to party with the money.

Barron was arrested on the evening of the 25th after blood was seen in the back of his pick-up. He denied knowing where Bill was or anything that happened. He had Bill’s driver’s license and all his credit cards in his possession.

The police went to Barron’s apartment with a search warrant. They found the living room sofa and wall full of blood.

Barron sat in jail for three weeks, not admitting anything until one day a turkey hunter in Wells, Maine found our son’s body in the woods covered with blankets and tree limbs. Barron had beaten Bill to death on the head with 27 countable blows and possibly more after Bill fell-asleep on the sofa. Barron said he was waiting for a late night call for the rest of Bill’s money.

Of course, by trial time, Barron was claiming self-defense.

Elmer Lee Barron was sentenced to Life Without Parole on March 17th, 1991. He is at Concord State Prison in New Hampshire. He had a long record of theft, assault, car stealing, etc.

Barron did the crime and now he can do the time.

Bill never did anything to Barron except try to help someone when they needed help.

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William Neidlinger