William Jackson
29 Years Old

February 28, 1963 to April 3, 1992

William Robert Jackson was the youngest of three children and was a fun-loving person who loved God, his country, family and friends. He and his older brother of seventeen months had always been best buddies - he was always looking up to Herb. He had never married and at the time of his death was living with his parents, having lived with Herb for a couple years before he married.

William was a typical boy growing up and seldom caused trouble. He always liked school and liked playing football, basketball and baseball from an early age. He was very athletic and had been an all-state football player in high school. He had also won the state wrestling championship in his weight class while in high school. (We learned after his death that he had told Herb when he was in the 9th grade that he intended to be state champion before he graduated!) The year following his graduation he was also inducted into the Dickson County Athletic Hall of Fame.

He received a football scholarship to Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas but was very homesick and dropped out after going one semester. He had attended Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. At the time of his death, he was saving his money, planning to quit fast foods and finish his education. He had aspirations of teaching school and coaching football and wrestling.

William had worked in fast foods off and on since turning 16 and had been in restaurant management for several years. He was a hard worker, always dependable and rarely missed work. He was always friendly and courteous to his customers, both young and old. He especially enjoyed making over the children.

He was a very forgiving person, usually believing a person deserved another chance. In fact, he had several work release prisoners working for him at the time of his death. He rarely held grudges, analyzing things and not concerning himself with things that couldn't be changed.

He always liked teasing me and while in high school, enjoyed putting me in different wrestling holds and not releasing me until I could identify the hold! Then, in later years, he often grasped my shoulder and asked, "Is everything okay, Mom?" He seemed to always know when I wasn't being completely truthful about it. He often listened to me and many times tried to assure me that, "It can't be that bad, Mom."

He loved his whole family, but was especially devoted to his sister's eight-year-old son (David Lee) and spent much of his free time with him.

William touched many people's lives in his 29 years and is sorely missed by everyone who knew him. We think it is quite a tribute to him that three babies have been named after him since his death. Also, Dickson County Senior High now has a "William Jackson Award" given to an athlete in recognition of his or her will to win, dedication and determination.

I'll forever love him and miss him!


William Jackson was the Night Manager on duty at the Wendy's store in Nashville, Tennessee on April 3, 1992. It was just before 1:00 am and the store was closed. He and the one remaining employee were in the office preparing to leave. An armed intruder entered the office and ordered William to open the safe. William immediately knelt to the floor to open the safe but missed the combination. The intruder told him he had until one. William said, "I am trying". The intruder immediately shot William in the back of the head, killing him.

The intruder order the other employee to open the safe but was told the manager was the only one who knew the combination. He left empty handed. The police believe there was a person waiting in a getaway car at the store next door.

This murder is not solved. The witness could not give much of a description. There were several crimestoppers calls the first few weeks following the murder, but nothing sufficient enough to arrest anyone.


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William Jackson