William Abeytia
39 Years Old

December 11, 1947 to September 10, 1987

Tito Abeytia, of Montebello, California, was a very kind, loving man. He was very well liked and admired by everyone, everywhere he went. He was a very giving and helpful man.

Tito provided for all of his family in every respect. He was a hard-working man who owned his own business. He was a good looking man with a lot of charismatic characteristics.

He is dearly missed by all of his family and friends.


Tito Abeytia, 39, of Montebello, California, had pulled into a gas station to get help because his vehicle broke down. While he was on the phone, a man stole the vehicle. Tito yelled at the man to stop. When the man didn't stop, Tito jumped on the passenger side door in an attempt to stop the man. The man drove recklessly down the street, trying to knock Tito off of the vehicle. Finally, the man drove up the curb and wedged Tito between a telephone pole and the vehicle, causing traumatic brain injuries. Tito was treated on site by a fireman who witnessed the crime. Tito later died at the hospital.

The man who stole the car is in prison.

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William Abeytia