Wendy Baldwin Dupuis
36 Years Old

September 19, 1953 to October 1, 1989

Our daughter Wendy was our only child. She was the love of our life. When she was a youngster, she was into church, Brownies, ice skating, friends and family.

Wendy graduated from Secretarial School first in her class but decided her life was to work for the elderly to shop, clean and sit with the lonely with a cup of tea.

The hardest part of my life is remembering Wendy saying “Ma, you will never have to worry when you get old. I will always take care of you.” She had so much sincere love to give.

Wendy was a total family person and if you needed a friend, she was there.

We had an etching of Wendy’s favorite cat inscribed on her stone with a yellow rose in his mouth because she always gave a yellow rose to anyone who felt badly.

Wendy’s love for music was beyond explaining. She got her first stereo system when she was 18 and treated it like gold. She still had it when she died at 36.

Wendy was an avid reader. She read the Bible every night.

Wendy loved her grandparents and watched-over them, constantly. Everyone should be as fortunate to have a granddaughter like Wendy.

The most memorable event we saw was when Wendy was on her knees scrubbing her rug...suddenly, she looked-up at us, her eyes were huge and bright...at that moment, she stared-up and said “God came to me.” Her eyes were glowing. There are so many stories a person hears like this but to see it was incredible.

We are in New Hampshire in the real country where Wendy loved the woods, lakes, streams, her tremendous love of animals and the peaceful environment. She is buried in a cemetery on a mountain where one can look upward to Heaven. When we go there, we know she is looking down, saying “Thanks, Ma and Dad.” We say “Thumbs up, Wendy.”

The hardest part for us is Wendy’s September birthday, her death in October, Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. Wendy loved her birthday and the holidays.

The last day Wendy was alive, we spent the day at yard sales, lunch, listening to music and dancing. She was beautiful. Her last words to us when she went to bed was “I love you.”

Then Wendy’s life was over...her husband broke through the door and shot her to death.

Our only thoughts are that she is not suffering anymore but most of all, we miss her laughter, seeing her every day and her love.

Love to us is life, for without love, you have nothing...we thank God every day we had this with our daughter.


Our daughter Wendy Baldwin Dupius’ murder was solved in December 1989.

Wendy’s husband, Jeffrey Dupius, was out on bail for a year, running-around on a motorcycle and getting drunk.

Needless to say, we were frightened as he was a devious person. He had threatened to burn our house.

He finally was sentenced to 15 to 25 years in prison in December 1990 and has served nine years.

The hardest part is that we never thought he would be eligible for a reduced sentence, which he tried to get two years ago. We had to write to the judge with reasons for him not to receive it. It was like going through the experience all over again. Thank God, he was denied.

We are still frightened and have been living a stressful life, thinking a knock on the door and he would send somebody to burn our house.

We know he can try again for a reduced sentence and we will go through the nightmare again.

He broke-into our home, broke the door down, pulled a gun, shot Wendy in the face and then stole her belongings. He had tried the same thing two months earlier but did not pull the trigger, then laughed and left. He put such horrible fear into her. She was frightened every day. His second attempt worked.

What does this say to anyone about Jeffrey Dupius?

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Wendy Dupuis