Walter Douglas Couch
35 Years Old

May 17, 1949 to October 13, 1984

Doug Couch, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was a fine young man - a good son, husband, and father to his three children, two girls and one boy, which their grandparents have had the privilege and pleasure of keeping. Doug would be proud of them. All are well educated and well behaved.


Doug Couch, 35, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was shot in the back of his head while sleeping, by his wife. This was a cold-blooded, senseless murder brought on by greed and stupidity. Doug's wife had secretly stolen all the money from the bank and cashed all the Certificates of Deposit. She killed him and wrapped his body in a piece of carpet, kept it in the house five days, then buried it in the back yard in a shallow grave and went on vacation. Linda Couch was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life. She is still in prison.

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Walter Couch