Victoria Helene Collins
26 Years Old

May 17, 1970 to August 6, 1996

My darling beautiful daughter loved everyone and maintained there was good in even the worst of characters. She would give her last dime to anyone in need.

Anyone needing help with the most tedious of tasks, she would volunteer and work feverishly until the job was complete.

We miss her terribly. The devastation shall never pass. If only I could see that smile once more, feel those warm hugs. Pain, grief and the loss is very, very great.

But, I know she is the most beautiful, the most hardworking angel the Lord has with him there in Heaven.

To this day, we have no idea who murdered Victoria or why. I'm not even sure if the authorities are even working on the case as they never return my phone calls.

God knows who the culprit or culprits are and he will be just in repaying them for this horrendous deed.

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Victoria Helene Collins