Valencia Patrice Reynolds
21 Years Old

October 17, 1970 to May 16, 1992

Valencia Reynolds of St. Louis, Missouri dedicated her life to helping others. She was naive, honest, sometimes moody, slow to anger and always forgiving. Val’s life exemplified the true meaning of love and friendship. She counseled, encouraged and motivated her friends when they had problems and concerns. She tried to steer their lives in the right direction. She strived to accommodate others in whatever their dreams might happen to be. Val was very friendly...she never met a stranger and always went “that extra mile” for others.

Val had a southern dialect that would warm your heart when she spoke. She had a love for dancing and was excellent at it. She attended Palegie Wren Dance School and coordinated dances with Judy Best Dance Studio. As a child and young adult, she was independent, outspoken and truthful. She demanded respect and gave respect. Val had ambitions and her dream was to become a Registered Nurse to comfort and aid others. She had been accepted into a nursing program and was to have started the Fall Semester 1992.

Val was family-oriented and an excellent mother. She would read to her children both in and out of the womb on a regular basis. Val made a difference as an individual and believed everyone had good in them, regardless of their external nature. She believed in mankind.

I remember when Val was a child of three years of age, before she left anyone’s house, she would say “God Bless You.” I was amazed because I did not know where that was coming from. I never taught her to say that but she had been saying “God Bless You” since she could talk. Could God have chosen her from birth as His little angel? She was such a delight. She was my “little china doll.”

Val accepted and believed Jesus Christ as her Savior. She made me more determined to give her the tools she needed to make her dreams come true. She gave me the reassurance and courage to trust and let her try her wings to grow. She also left me with the courage and determination to fight for what is right and to despise that which is wrong.

If I had the opportunity again, I would say to her “I love you so much, baby and I miss you so deeply.”


On May 16th, 1992, my daughter Valencia Reynolds was brutally murdered. According to police, it appeared she knew her attacker because there was no forced entry. This animal brutally beat my child and stabbed her over 25 times.

Several suspects were questioned, finger-printed and given lie detector tests. All passed the test except one...Ricky. His fingerprints were found in my daughter’s house, audio tapes of Ricky verbally threatening my daughter’s life were obtained and the St. Louis County Police still allowed him “to walk.”

Ricky had a bitter hatred for my daughter because she did not want him in her life. Two weeks before my daughter was murdered, she told me Ricky told her if he could not have her, no one would have her. He told her the child she was carrying would not come into this world. On May 16th, 1992, he kept his promise. And all St. Louis County Police could say to me is “We blew it. We know he had something to do with your daughter’s death but we messed-up, what more can I say?”

Ricky and his accomplice “walked,” free to kill again. Two years later, as I had predicted to the St. Louis Police, Ricky killed another mother’s child.

To this day, no one has been arrested for my daughter and unborn granddaughter’s death.

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