Ursula Cinollo
92 Years Old

October 21, 1900 to June 12, 1993

When Ursula Cinollo, of Larkspur, California was killed, her daughter, MaryAnn Kermoian, lost her best friend. She felt fortunate to have Ursula for a mother.

MaryAnn thinks of her mother every day and finds herself wanting to phone her for advice or to tell her about something that happened with family or friends.

Ursula was a true lady and made her daughter proud. Always putting herself last, Ursula was there for everyone else, family or friend. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was always ready to laugh. Since her death, there is less laughter in this world.


Ursula Cinollo, 92, of Larkspur, California, was stabbed to death in her apartment. The perpetrator used one of her kitchen knives and a knife sharpener. She was found by her son-in-law.

The murder remains unsolved.

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