Troy A. Dillingham
28 Years Old

March 29, 1963 to June 1, 1991

Troy Dillingham, of Boonville, Indiana, had two sisters; one older and one younger. He also had two stepbrothers and two stepsisters. In addition, he enjoyed his one niece and two nephews.

Troy enjoyed playing basketball, going to movies and cooking. He had his own apartment and cooked a lot.

He graduated from high school and was in the Navy. Troy was not married at the time of his death. He worked for a tire company and was supposed to start a new position with the company two days following his murder.


Troy Dillingham, 28, of Boonville, Indiana, was in a nightclub and Kelly Krieg thought Troy was flirting with his pregnant girlfriend. Troy went outside and Krieg followed about one-half block away. Kelly Krieg stabbed Troy in the chest with a knife. Krieg fled the scene and Troy managed to get back to the nightclub where he collapsed and bled to death.

Kelly Krieg was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 40 years in prison, with the last 10 years being probation. As of March 1997, he was still in prison.

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Troy Dillingham