Tres Jackson Waters
26 Years Old

December 28, 1963 to July 8, 1990

My son Tres was a wonderful and difficult person; a perfect combination for a human being. He was innocent in many ways, thinking people would not hurt him if he was nice to them.

Tres loved animals, swimming in the ocean, traveling, good music and good books.

Tres was older than his 26 years in so many ways. These assets made him very attractive to everyone, especially to women.

Not a day or a minute goes by that I do not think of Tres; how much I need him for so many reasons and advice on every issue.

Tres’ sister tries so hard in her life but the loss of her only brother and sibling has done terrible damage to her.

I think many parents are devastated even more when their child is simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” There is no way to explain such a tragedy as murder, but with no reason, it is much harder.


Tres’ wife, at the time of his murder, was very much to blame, as she was screaming at him. The noise caused three gang members to investigate.

My son told them to go away but they were intent on causing trouble. Without anyone to help him, my son was out-numbered. He was under a car, trying to escape. One of the boys shot him.

No one called 911, the restaurant parking lot did not have security and there was no cell phone. Help arrived much too late.

Tres’ ex-wife sued the restaurant for over a million dollars; she won, of course, and lives in New York City. I have not seen her in eight years. I am sure she sleeps well at night...I wish I did.

I think the town of San Antonio should be responsible for a very lax attitude toward gangs. Immigration laws are non-existent. When will we have a change? How many race crimes will occur?

I miss my Tres; my beautiful blonde child. I see his smile in photographs and yearn to touch him, ask him where he has been, sit-up all night and talk, eat good food and laugh. In short, I just want my son back.

The boy who shot my son is in prison about to be free. He has been in prison for nine years. Because his behavior is bad, his parole has been denied several times.

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