Travis Robert Eggersgluss
16 Years Old

September 7, 1975 to September 1, 1992

Travis Eggersgluss, of Watertown, Minnesota, was a very happy-go-lucky kid. He could always tell when someone was having a bad day and would make them laugh. He enjoyed helping the younger kids fix their bikes, build forts, etc. All of the kids liked him.

Travis had just gotten his drivers' license and was really proud to drive. He enjoyed fishing and hunting. Travis also collected baseball cards, wizards and old coins. He'd just gotten his class ring and was looking forward to joining the Army after graduation.

Travis has two sisters and six nieces and nephews that miss him very much. His parents and many others also miss Travis.


Travis Eggersgluss, 16, of Watertown, Minnesota, was shot in the back by a jealous 15-year-old boy. The boy had a crush on a girl who didn't like him, and he thought Travis was stealing her away from him. Doug Engstrom had been at Travis' home. Travis walked with him back to his home - a distance of about one mile. Doug went up stairs to get Travis a glass of water. At this time, he hid a gun behind a door. After Doug took the empty glass upstairs, he came down and shot Travis.

Doug Engstrom was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to treatment, two years in prison, and 15 years probation. He was released after serving just six months.

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Travis Eggersgluss