Tracy Helling
19 Years Old

December 20, 1968 to November 12, 1988

Tracy was a loving son and an older brother to two sisters and a three year old brother. He was very soft-hearted, and tried to help others, which sometimes got him taken advantage of because he trusted everyone.

He would have been 20 on his next birthday, which was less than 2 months after he was murdered. He was a chef at the Peppermill restaurant and enjoyed his job. He was very close to his family. He loved little kids and often watched his younger sister and brother.

He was a confident to his sister 3 years his junior. His only fault was he was too trusting of people and would give away his last dollar and then have to go without the things he needed.

He loved Mexican food and football. He had a talent for drawing, and often drew pictures for his sisters and brother. He also was great at sculpting with clay. He also was very good at writing poems.

Tracy went to high school in Martinez where he was born. He lived in Concord most of his grammar school year and lived with his mother and step-father until high school, then moved back to Martinez to attend Alhambra Union High.

He was the oldest son of Phyllis Helling Magana and James Jelling. Losing Tracy was a great loss to his friends and especially his family.


My son was murdered on November 12, 1988 by Joy Pense, a 23 year old former acquaintance of my son. She shot him seven times, including once in the face at point blank range. She was labeled a bully and trouble maker and convicted of drug use and other alcohol related crimes. She is a lesbian who was jealous of my son. She was called a cold-blooded murderer by the judge that sentenced her as she was cunning and pretended to be my son's friend, to lure him out to the Delta, Sherman Island Road, San Jauquin County where she didn't expect his body to be found. He was discovered 20 minutes later, but it was too late.

She (Joy) received 27 years to life and was jailed in 1989 to Fontana Women's prison. She has served 11 years and will be up for parole in 2006, which we hope to be able to block, as she never has shown any remorse for her crime and feels she was justified in killing another human.

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Tracy Helling