Tommie Lee Sykes
34 Years Old

January 23, 1957 to March 16, 1991

Tommie Lee Sykes, of Chicago, Illinois, was born January 23, 1957, to Joe and Corrine. He had eight brothers and four sisters. Three of the brothers are deceased. Tom also had two sons, Trevor and Shawn, who died shortly after Tom died.

Tom graduated from Wendell Phillip High School in Chicago. He attended Northern Illinois University.

Tom was a very loving person with a great love of children. He was very bright, intelligent, hard-working and ambitious. Tom worked as a teller at the Chicago City Bank. He was friendly and always had a smile on his face. He hoped to be a fire fighter for the city of Chicago.

Tom is greatly missed by his family and all who knew him. Tom, we love you.


Tommie Lee Sykes, 34, of Chicago, Illinois, was visiting his relatives on March 16, 1991. When he left, Tom told them that he would call to let them know that he had made it home safely. Since he did not have a phone in his room, he made the call from the lobby of his building. While on the phone, Tom was shot. He died several hours later.

A witness identified Clarence Fergerson as the killer. A year after the murder, Fergerson was apprehended in Indiana and taken back to Chicago. He was jailed for one month, but had to be released because the prosecutor and police could not locate the witness.

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Tommie Sykes