Todd Michael Kirker
19 Years Old

January 28, 1973 to November 19, 1992

Todd Kirker, of New Richmond, Ohio, was an only child. Everything revolved around him. The sun rose and set with him. He loved Elvis Presley and Todd's nickname was Elvis. He loved all kinds of sports, especially baseball, although his mother loved to watch him play basketball. Todd made a lot of 3-point shots.

Todd had a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. When he walked into a room, you knew it. It was as though sunshine had walked in with him. He trusted everyone and never thought anyone would ever hurt him. His mother had a special nickname for him that no one else was allowed to use. The last thing she said to Todd was, "I love you, Hink." Todd replied, "I love you too, Mom." She never got to say good-bye to him.

Todd would make his mom laugh. They were best friends and he told her all of his problems and his dreams. Before he was killed, he told her that he wanted to go to college and be a physical education teacher for elementary children. He could barely do his homework, and he wanted to teach!

Six months before Todd was killed, his parents decided to adopt a 1 and 1/2 year-old girl. his mom told him that if he didn't want them to adopt, they wouldn't. Todd just smiled and said he knew they loved him and he would always be number one, but the little girl needed them. Now that girl is an only child.


Todd Kirker, 19, of New Richmond, Ohio, had moved out of his parents' house in September, 1992. He worked in the deli at a grocery store. On Sunday, November 29, 1992, he woke up around noon and started to get ready for work. He was moving home the following day and this would be his last day living with his friend. He and his friend had been arguing all week, so Todd decided to move back home. His mother was very happy, and she promised to co-sign a loan for a car. When Todd got out of the shower that Sunday as he was preparing for work, he had a towel wrapped around his head. He went into the living room with his hair dryer and sat on the floor. Kneeling, he plugged in the dryer and removed the towel. As he looked up, his "friend" was standing over him with a .44 caliber pistol pointed at his head. His friend pulled the trigger and Todd fell to the floor. He died about 15 minutes later. His "friend" ran from the house and left Todd lying on the floor. Another one of his "friends" called 911, but Todd died shortly after being put in the ambulance.

Christopher Abney was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay restitution for funeral expenses. He refused to pay restitution and Todd's mother later took him to court for violation of probation. Abney served six months in the county jail. He never paid a dime.

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Todd Kirker