Todd E. Jeffords
29 Years Old

December 5, 1963 to July 13, 1993

An eagle with the words "Free Spirit" on the T-shirt he once wore could describe Todd.

He was a tall, muscular young man. At 29, he was beginning to get a belly, which he could still roll and make everyone chuckle. Were his favorite foods tacos and pizza because he didn't have to cook and the fast food places where not far away?

Todd was a good son and an only child. His parents divorced when he was 14 years old. During his lifetime, he had a few serious relationships but never married or experienced the joy of having a child. After his death, a friend reported to his mom that he had once said he still lived at home to take care of his mother (which surprised and also saddened her).

On his high school golf team, he was referred to as "Par Jeffords". He had an innate athletic ability. He liked sports and did well in what he liked. In his 20's he won many ping pong tournaments and liked darts. Collecting baseball cards was his obsession.

At a Senior Class Night, he received two awards - his mom was proud of "The Best Smile", but he was proudest of "The Best Partier". He could dance up a storm!

Todd is also sorely missed for his "fix-it" aptitude. Don't believe there was anything he would not try to fix, beit mechanical, electronic or a household project or repair. A lot of the projects, however, would only be completed about 95%.

He was neat about himself, but if there were contests for the "most messy room or garage" he may win. He lived in the finished basement of the family home, which gave him space for stuff. He could have coined the phrase, "One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure."

It is believed that his favorite holiday was Halloween. After his childhood, he only went to church on occasion at Christmas with his mom as a gift to her.

Todd was a giving, caring person. He didn't have any close family, but his neighbors and many friends - although not the same - hopefully filled that void. He also trusted which his mom feels may have helped contribute to his death - he trusted the alleged friend who killed him.

"Sometimes angels leave this world early so that we can feel what they mean to us and think about what they stand for and stood for in life."


Jeffrey Perez, age 25 at the time, murdered Todd Edwin Jeffords, age 29, in Hercules, California.

During the incident, Jeff was out on his O.R. for a drug charge. Todd was not innocent of drug-related activity. It is alleged that Jeff owed Todd money. Todd had hung out at a mutual friend's home with other young people that day and evening waiting for Jeff to return as he had promised to pay Todd. (Although not believable, there were no witnesses to the crime). Todd was hit over the head with a baseball bat and received a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Jeff fled, but after a couple of weeks, was apprehended. The case was plea bargained to voluntary manslaughter. He received an eleven year time-suspended judgement, serving 50% of a three-year sentence. He since violated his parole with weapon and drug charges and is presently in prison for approximately 10 years, receiving credit for time served.

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Todd Jeffords