Todd Brigham
32 Years Old

July 19, 1963 to June 7, 1996

Todd Brigham, of Addison, Texas, had a lovely wife named Michele and three beautiful children: Brianna, age 6; Chelsea, age 4; and Celeste, age 2. He was the most loving husband and father anyone could ever wish for. He loved and lived for his family. That's all he ever talked about. There was never a cross word from his mouth. He was so kind and patient.

Todd also loved all kinds of sports, especially football and basketball. Originally from Chicago Ridge, Illinois, the Bulls and the Bears were his favorite teams. He also enjoyed cooking on his smoker and tending the yard.

Todd will never see his children, who he loved so much, grow up.

Todd Brigham, 32, of Addison, Texas, managed an upscale restaurant. One night in the restaurant, a man was sitting across the table from his estranged girlfriend and they were arguing. The man pulled out a .45 caliber pistol to shoot his girlfriend, but he missed and killed Todd. The man aimed again and shot her dead before putting the gun to his own head and killing himself.

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Todd Brigham