Tina Marie Kristynik
19 Years Old

February 28, 1966 to September 18, 1985

Tina Kristynik, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was a beautiful blue-eyed blond. She was 5'1" and weighted 105 lbs. She loved animals, especially horses. Tina was crazy about water and loved to swim and spend time at the beach. She was very athletic and enjoyed all kinds of sports. She worked out and did weight training and was very strong for her size. Tina was not afraid of very much. She was on her school dance team and loved dancing in general. She loved holidays, celebrations, and parties. Her favorite color was blue and she loved roses. Chocolate, especially chocolate mint, was her favorite candy and ice cream. One of Tina's favorite foods was homemade macaroni and cheese. Just before she was murdered, she had decided to go to nursing school. Tina was the baby and six years younger than her sister, Tana. Tina's mother, Rita Goldsmith, has been associated with POMC since March of 1986 on both a local and national level.


On September 18, 1985, 19-year old Tina Marie Kristynik was beaten to death around 4:00 am in her home. Her body was not discovered until 2:30 pm the following day. Tina's murder remains unsolved.

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Tina Kristynik