Timothy G. Murphy
24 Years Old

February 6, 1960 to January 30, 1985

Timothy G. "Timmy" Murphy, of Patchogue, Long Island, New York, was the youngest of five. When he was born, the other children's ages were: seven, six, five and four. They loved him to pieces.

He was a gentle boy who never raised his hands. He had a win-over smile. On his own, he would mow the lawn of our elderly neighbors and never charged.

He loved my cooking. I can still see him smacking his lips. One Christmas when he was in the service in Germany, I baked him a cheesecake and sent it to him. He hid it and ate the entire cake.

Timmy was a devil, but not evil in any way, shape or form. Timmy had a big mouth - he vocalized his thoughts, anger, whatever, but when it came to physical confrontation, he took two steps back.

He didn't like regimentation, so he took odd jobs here and there. He liked to come and go as he pleased. A free spirit, he danced to the beat of a different drummer!


Timothy G. "Timmy" Murphy, 24, of Patchogue, Long Island, New York, was stabbed through the heart in a gay bar by a man named Keith Lawayne Manning. Manning "claimed" Timmy tried to choke him, so he drew a knife from his jacket pocket, opened it and stabbed Timmy.

A Grand Jury found "No True Bill" and ruled the stabbing a case of self-defense. Witnesses, however, have signed depositions which dispute the entire situation.

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Timothy Murphy