Timothy Michael Lynch
19 Years Old

September 22, 1976 to March 25, 1996

On September 22, 1976, Timothy Michael Lynch was born. He had blue-green eyes and dark blond hair and eventually grew to six feet tall. He was an artistic kid - always drawing. His mother kept drawing pads for him that he always filled. When he was 10, he spent a week watching an old B&W movie, King Henry V, by Shakespeare, then drew the knights, soldiers and castles until dinner. He had started writing poetry and was getting very good. He loved his mother's garden. Timothy would help plant and water the garden and then pick the veggies and eat them fresh (sometimes with the dirt still on them.) He also loved the ocean, beach and boogie boarding at a special place on Balboa Island, where he could spot our Turquoise tile roof from wherever the waves took him, while knowing where his mother would be waiting for him. Tim loved his many friends and could always make them laugh at him, his jokes and at themselves.

He was smart, but hated school - he was completely bored. He took the GED so he could start college. He didn't want to waste time on high school. Timothy wanted to be a Fireman and EMT. While in college to complete the Fire Science courses, Timothy really found himself. Carrying 4.0, he couldn't wait to take the EMT course, but it would have been the summer after he was murdered.

Timothy wanted to help save people, even if it meant risking his own life. With a bright future, he was looking forward to life. Timothy wanted to work for the fire department at a beach city in Orange County, California, marry and have a family, two boys and a girl. The possibilities of going into fire investigation, prevention, or completing his BS in forestry were all things he was considering. He hoped to eventually take his children to Montana, Wyoming or Idaho because he wanted them to live in a place "where they would be safe."

On March 25, 1996, 19-year-old Timothy Michael Lynch was shot and killed by his father. Why is a mystery. He shot Tim five times; once in the side and four in the heart (two of which were after Tim was on the floor.) His father claims he "over-reacted" and that it was "self-defense," etc., but he shot his unarmed child when he was a second-degree black belt. He was charged with first degree murder and is still waiting trial.

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Timothy Michael Lynch