Timothy Lee Garsow
20 Years Old

February 8, 1973 to December 11, 1993

Tim Garsow, of Leavenworth, Kansas, was born February 8, 1973 to Bill and Patty Walters Garsow. Tim was a very happy and energetic young child.

He had a special interest in sports from an early age and could be found playing whatever sport was in season. As Tim grew, he played at both the high school and national levels; however, volleyball finally became his favorite sport.

During Tim's sophomore year in high school, his parents divorced. This was a difficult time for a 15-year-old, still Tim persevered. After graduation from high school, he continued his education at a local community college. Tim wasn't sure what he was ready for, so he went out into the working world. Tim had several different jobs in the surrounding area. He was at the point in his life where he was struggling to find what his goals were and purpose was to be.

A scholarship was established in Tim's name at Leavenworth High School, his alma mater. Hopefully this tragedy could be turned into an educational opportunity.


On the evening of December 10, 1993, Tim Garsow, 20, of Leavenworth, Kansas, went to a friend's apartment to retrieve a coat that he had left there. Upon driving up to the apartment, he noticed that the back window was broken out of another friends' car. The people who were doing the vandalizing were jumping into their car to get away. Tim decided to follow them, but lost them within a few blocks and turned around to go back to the apartment.

After returning to the apartment, Tim decided to call his friend to tell him about his car window. One block over, the three vandals parked the car they were in. One guy got out of the car and returned to the apartment. I.G. Wimbish saw Tim talking on his car phone and thought Tim might have gotten their license plate number or even a small description of them. Wimbish approached Tim and started a conversation. Not sensing any danger, Tim did not hesitate to speak. During the conversation, Wimbish distracted Tim's attention to another direction. As Tim looked the way of the conversation, he hit Tim in the head with a blunt object (the exact object has never been identified). After Tim had fallen to the ground, Wimbish continued to hit him in the head.

The attack happened at 12:18 am December 11. A neighbor heard a scream, came out to assist, and realized that someone was injured. The neighbor was a nurse at a local military hospital, so he was able to provide help within minutes. The EMS took Tim to a local hospital, then he was taken via helicopter to KU Medical Center. Tim died while in transit at 2:02 am.

I.G. Wimbish was arrested on December 14, 1993, and charged with the first degree murder of Tim Garsow. He pleaded guilty of murdering Tim and was sentenced to life in prison - which is only 15 years in Kansas.

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Timothy Garsow