Thresia M. Bailey
74 Years Old

July 26, 1920 to December 6, 1994

Thresia Bailey, of Warren, Ohio, was born in Holly Grove, West Virginia. She went to school through the eighth grade, which was as high as you could go back then. She went to church all of her life. She became a Christian at the age of 16.

On November 27, 1941, she married Warren C. Bailey at the age of 21. She gave birth to four children, Beauford C., Shirley R., Kyle W., and Burllen G. She moved to Ambridge, Pennsylvania, in 1944, and worked in the mills for awhile. She returned to West Virginia a few years later. She was a housewife who planted a garden every year and canned everything that she grew. She was a Sunday School teacher and a church secretary at the Evangelical United Brethren Church at Sand Run, West Virginia.

She moved to Warren, Ohio in 1966. She was the church secretary at the Charity Baptist Church in Warren. She enjoyed making quilts, sewing, listening to country and gospel music, especially Rev. Stanley on the radio. She learned to drive a car and got her drivers license at the age of 71. She enjoyed flowers such as pansy, petunia, sweet William, tulips in the spring/summer months and kept violets in the house throughout the year. She enjoyed taking her dog, Penny, for a stroll and would often stop by to talk to many different neighbors.


Thresia Bailey, 74, of Warren, Ohio, was stabbed to death in her home on December 6, 1994. Bernie Lee had broken into her house. The first stab wound was in her back through the heart. During the struggle, he broke both of her arms which made her completely defenseless. Her right arm alone had 17 stab wounds. The 13 hour autopsy showed that she had been stabbed a total of 132 times. She was left in a small bathroom on her side on top of the register on the floor. She went into shock and was left to die.

Two of Thresia's neighbors saw Bernie coming out of the house. They both called the police. When the police arrived, they found the front door open and they opened the bathroom door where they found Thresia lying dead in her own pool of blood. The police located Bernie 45 minutes later about a block from the house with blood on his pants, shoes and coat. When he was approached by the police, Bernie threw some keys in the grass that turned out to be Thresia's house and car keys. She'd only had the car one month. Bernie was identified by her neighbors as the man they saw coming out of Thresia's house.

Bernie Lee was convicted of aggravated murder with a specification of aggravating circumstances and aggravated burglary with a specification. He was sentenced to 30 years to life for the murder and 15 to 25 years for the burglary. The sentences are to run consecutively. As of February 1997, Bernie Lee was still in prison.

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Thresia Bailey