Thomas A. Beno
43 Years Old

May 27, 1945 to November 4, 1988

Thomas A. Beno graduated from Boardman High School in 1963. He loved to fish and hunt and especially loved race cars. He worked in the family business since age 9 - Beno's Nursery and Landscape Service. In 1978, at age 33, he took over full management of the business.

Thomas was also active in the Ohio Nursery Association, the American Nursery Association, and was a member of the Masonic Organizations and Scottish Rite.


Thomas A. Beno, age 43, married Lorie Elder on November 4, 1988. They were married by a family friend who was a Judge, and then went to Lorie's home. Her mother and step-father, Tom Kemp, came out after a few hours with a 9 mm handgun and shot Tom seven times. Thomas Beno was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Lorie and her step-father, Tom Kemp were sleeping together, hence the anger. Tom Beno and Lorie were only married 4 hours when he was murdered.

Tom Kemp was sentenced to 20 years to life plus three years for the use of a firearm. He is up for parole in 2005.

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