Thomas Ayres
37 Years Old

February 4, 1955 to March 31, 1992

Thomas Ayres "Tom" of Wooster, Ohio was a kind, loving and gentle person who liked to help others. He enjoyed fishing, music, and played drums for his own enjoyment.


An unsupervised Friday evening party of teenagers being hosted by Raphael Massaro in Wooster, Ohio ended in tragedy. Raphael hit a neighbor, Thomas Ayres in the back of his head with a baseball bat. Mr. Ayres died three days later.

Massaro was 17 years old so the juvenile court judge chose to handle this homicide. Massaro spent no time incarcerated. Three years probation was the outcome of the "Delinquency by reason of involuntary manslaughter." Less than a year later Massaro went to prison for three unrelated felonies.

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Thomas Ayres