Theodore Tyrone Harrison
28 Years Old

December 28, 1960 to October 31, 1989

Theodore was always a happy person who everyone loved. He loved to sing. He played all types of sports, football, baseball, etc. He graduated from Max Hayes, a Vocational School. He worked as a Nursing Assistant at Montifiore Nursing Home.

Theodore had five sisters and one younger brother. His favorite foods were macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and greens. His favorite pie was sweet potato. His niece Erica misses him a lot because he will no longer be waiting on the porch with the family dog for her to get home from school.

We all feel that the loss of our brother and son has caused problems, some not yet, for all family members, some more than others. We all loved our brother, and miss him tremendously.


Theodore Tyrone Harrison, Jr. was shot after exiting a store at 9812 Cedar Avenue by a man named John Wayne Wren. Theodore was transported to the Cleveland Clinic by his mother Dorothy Harrison after EMS or Police had not arrived on the scene. Theodore died in surgery a short time later.

The case is solved. The murder was convicted and his sentence was 15 years to life. He is still in prison. He was a repeat offender.

John Wayne Wren was a ruthless man who didn't even know Theodore. This was a senseless death of a decent person.

Theodore was left in the street to die. I found him. A 9 mm gun was used and I didn't see any blood.

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Theodore Harrison