Tanya Mynyette Niebel
19 Years Old

March 13, 1973 to June 20, 1992

Tanya Niebel, of Jupiter, Florida, originally of Fredonia, New York, was a loving, caring friend to everybody. She had many friends and was always lovingly willing to help someone if needed.

Tanya also loved animals, having seven cats and a dog. She ran away from home at age 15 and quit school. However, she chose the right road - had a job, an apartment and was doing quite well. Her family was very proud of her.

For three years, Tanya worked as a cab dispatcher and had worked her way into a position as office manager. Just prior to her death, she was studying for her GED. Tanya wanted to become a police dispatcher to help others.

Tanya Niebel, 19, of Jupiter, Florida, was planning to leave the state and settle down with a new boyfriend.


Daniel Anthony "Tony" Middleton, picked her up at a specified phone booth and had Tanya park in a mall parking lot and lock her car. He then took her to the Corbett Wildlife Management area and shot her twice - first in the chest, then in the head. Tony left her laying on an embankment overnight, and she was found the next day by two people walking in the area. The place she was found is known to have alligators. She was lucky to be found.

Tony Middleton was convicted to second degree murder with a firearm. He was sentenced to 27 years for second degree murder plus three years for using a gun. As of May 1997, he was still in prison.

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Tanya Niebel