Tammy Lohr
24 Years Old

December 10, 1967 to August 1, 1992

Tammy Lohr was a member of Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department where she worked the midnight shift. She also owned her own business, Tri-State Sports, and taught sports to children in the schools. Tammy was also an assistant coach for the Lady Eagles softball team at Southern Indiana University and played on three different softball teams. She was a licensed umpire for the men's league in Evansville, Indiana, and a member of the First Baptist Church in Boonville.

Tammy was such a good person, so full of life and energy.

We could tell how loved she was when we were told that over 1200 people attended her funeral. Not only do we miss our Tammy, her friends miss her as well.


On August 1, 1992, Tammy Lohr, 24, was brutally murdered along with her pet poodle, "Mickey." The lock on her front door was broken and Tammy had been stabbed more than 23 times. Her body was then set on fire to destroy the evidence.

Tammy had been involved in an on-again/off-again relationship with Glenn Patrick Bradford, an Evansville city police officer who was married and had two small children. Two months prior to her murder, Tammy had told Bradford that she was ending the relationship. Unable to face rejection and unwilling to let anyone else have Tammy, Bradford killed her.

Bradford was convicted and sentenced to 60 years for murder and 20 years for arson.

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Tammy Lohr