Sylvia A. Merrill Howe
46 Years Old

September 21, 1943 to March 30, 1989

Sylvia was a very good daughter, sister, wife and mother. She enjoyed listening and dancing to music, i.e. Rock and Roll, Benny Goodman, opera, Beethoven. She liked making wooden crafts with her husband Bob before his death. In her early years, Sylvia graduated from Cony High School in Augusta, ME in 1964. During high school and after she graduated, she worked in the concession stand at the Augusta Drive-In. She was a meticulous housekeeper. She was a beautiful, sensitive person always helping others less fortunate and careful not to hurt anyone's feelings. Her brothers are Malcom Merrill, Bill Bailey, and Paul Dutil. Her sisters are Marcella Savage, Sheila Jalbert, Priscilla Fish, Merlene Bentley, Phyllis Berry, and Jeanine Rusgrove.

Her son is Michael Howe and her daughter is Michelle Lykins, and her mother is Anita Merrill Bailey.


Joseph A. Veilleux, Jr. was the murderer. He was convicted of two counts of murder, intentional murder, and depraved indifference to murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He died in prison on October 15, 1997 at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport, ME. Around April 4, 1989, we received a call stating Sylvia had not been able to be reached by phone, and after visiting her home several times during the week, had received no response. The Augusta Police Department was called to investigate. Once they entered the home, they found Sylvia was murdered in her bedroom. They saw Sylvia's nude body with her clothes at her head and feet. Her head was covered with insulation, around her neck was wound wire and tape and a shoestring tied in a bow. A brass headed cane was shoved into her vagina two and one-half feet, rupturing her windpipe. A tube of caulking compound was shoved into her rectum, and she had abrasions, lesions, and blood oozed from the rest of her body.

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Sylvia Hoew