Susanmarie Pascale
26 Years Old

March 22, 1959 to May 27, 1983

Susanmarie, "Bunny" as she was known to family and friends, was a very loving, outgoing person, who made friends easily. She was also a determined individual, who knew at the age of nine that she wanted to be an X-ray Technician. We had a family friend who was a Radiologist and she would sit and listen to his stories and decided that was what she wanted to do. Susan became a licensed X-ray Technician in 1979 at the age of 20. She worked at Pomona Valley Community Hospital until a doctor on staff, Dr. Dennis Wheeler, offered her an opportunity to start up a clinic for a group of Doctors. She accepted the challenge and did an excellent job. Susan went back to school to learn medical front and back office routine while working at the upland Urgent Care Clinic, the one she helped to set up.

Bunny's younger brother, Joe Jr., was in college at this time and they spent many hours together being friends. Joe relied on his sister for words of advice. It was a far cry from their earlier years when she would bully her younger brother at every opportunity. She had a three year old son named Jeffrey, from a previous relationship, whom she loved and adored. He was her whole world. From day one, Jeff always talked about planes and flying them. As a single mom, Bunny was looking forward to the day he would fly. That is still his goal. He is hoping to attend the Air Force Academy after graduating from high school, but mom will not be there to see it...(as of this writing, he has been nominated by his Senator and awaiting an appointment from the Air Force Academy.)

In 1984, she married a man who promised to love and protect her, but from the beginning of the marriage he was abusive, so she filed for divorce. After this messy divorce would have been final, she planned to take a trip back East to visit relatives and to relax and recuperate. Upon returning, she planned to move to Carmel, CA, one of her most favorite spots. But two days before the divorce was final, all her plans were changed forever.


On May 27, 1985, (Memorial Day), Susanmarie was fatally shot by her husband just 2 days before their divorce was to be final. Troy Kamekona drove to her apartment with a fully loaded Walhter 9 mm hand gun, an extra clip in his pocket, and a bag of ammunition on the front seat of his car. He parked in an alley and walked to her apartment with the gun tucked in his waistband. He was wearing fatigues. He knocked and Susan answered and seeing who it was, slammed the door and locked it. He backed up, got into a crouch, and shot the doorknob. He then entered the apartment, shot her once in the back, and while she was lying on the floor begging for her life, he shot her again and again. She died one hour later with eighteen bullet holes in her body. Her three year old son was upstairs in bed and heard his mother crying, "Please don't hurt me," but he said to me, "I was a good boy Grandma, I stayed in bed."

After shooting her, Troy walked out of the house, headed back to his car. When police got there he placed the gun on the hood of the police car and told the officers to, "Call an ambulance. I just killed my wife."

He was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 17 years to life. He has served 13 years of that sentence and is scheduled for a third parole hearing in the year 2000.

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Susan Marie Pascale