Susan L. Verstegen
"Suzie Q"
38 Years Old

July 7, 1955 to February 18, 1994

Susan Verstegen, of San Antonio, Texas, was tall, thin and loved to work out every day at the gym. Her 15-year-old son, Chuckie, was the hero of her life. She always took him into consideration before she made any decisions. They traveled to the coast on vacation, went fishing and had a hobby of photography, which they shared. There were many times when Susan went photo hunting with her father to beautiful mountainous regions. She hoped to make photography a career. She was really advancing in the art.

Cooking was another of her favorite hobbies, and she was able to teach Chuckie many of her favorite Mexican dishes.

There were people of all ages who loved to be around Susan because of her friendliness and genuine interest in their lives. She just didn't know a stranger. Compassion was her strong gift. On her days off, when her mother was sick after receiving chemotherapy, she would spend her free days taking care of her and not forcing her to eat.

Her thoughtfulness in giving presents, like stained glass windows and poems was so special to the person receiving the gift. Everywhere her family and friends look, they see things that she made for them. Just two weeks before her death, during a barbecue at her house, Susan had everyone sign a birthday card to send to one of her sisters. She was so thoughtful. One Christmas Eve, she found out that one of her nieces who was celebrating a birthday did not have a birthday cake. Susan went out immediately and bought presents and a cake. She had always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. When she found out that a child with muscular dystrophy wanted to go on a balloon ride, she gave the child her ticket so the boy could fulfill his dream.

Susan's ability to forgive was unbelievable. No matter what anyone did to her, she would be able to forgive after processing the hurt, not letting it get her down or ruin her relationships.

Susan was truly a gentle person. She never raised her voice. Chuckie says that he knew when she was upset because her voice would quiver and sound nervous.

Susan was truly a wonderful human being and her family and friends were glad to have had her for the time they did. She is certainly in heaven praying for them all. She is closer to each of them than they could ever imagine. They miss her sweet voice and her lilting laughter. Every song of the birds reminds them that she is very close. They wish they could see her. They miss her more than words can describe. Nothing they can do will ever bring her back. They wish murderers could know what pain they have caused to so many.

Susan Verstegen, 38, of San Antonio, Texas, was killed February 18, 1994. Her parents were in Rochester, New York, when they received a call at midnight Friday night that Susan was missing. Although it was President's Day weekend, they were able to get a flight home, but unfortunately just in time to learn that she had been found.

A group of baseball players were practicing when one player went to retrieve a ball. He found Susan's body. She was found in a barrel, raped and strangled by two or more people.

Evidence has shown that she had been delivering Frito-Lay products to a grocery store when someone abducted her in the early morning hours at the dimly lit rear of a store. It is uncertain whether she was murdered at the store, or if she was first abducted then raped and killed. The police recommended that the family not view the body because it was such a horrific sight.

As of June 1997, the murder remained unsolved.

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