Susan Lynn Turpin
33 Years Old

June 12, 1958 to March 28, 1992

My lovely daughter, Susan Lynn Turpin, was a joy to know. She could light up any room just by walking through the door. She was the spirit of Christmas and each and every holiday, but lived that spirit every day of her life. She was sunshine, a successful business woman, a loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, and a friend to all. She cared about her family, her friends, her clients, and strangers. She cared about the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, and worked with them all, trying to make a difference in their lives. She loved all animals and nurtured the injured ones whenever she found them. Susan was musically and artistically talented and loved to dance and sing. She traveled often and was a Consummate Professional in her business life, where she used her creativity to excel. She was beautiful inside and out. Ask anyone who knew her. She had a Down Syndrome brother, Terry, who she adored and was so proud of. Her youngest brother Jim, was loved, respected, and watched over by her. Susan talked and worked with the famous entertainers, politicians, and CEO's in her professional life, but never lost her values and her love for the simplest things in life.


Susan was murdered in her sleep with a gunshot to the head by a business associate who had been embezzling money from her company. She was caught in a web of greed and evil because she trusted too much. No one has ever been arrested, indicted, or tried for her murder.

A two year private investigation documented the facts. The police did nothing. Justice has not been there for my child and we have no closure. The hole that her death has caused will never be filled in the hearts and lives of her family and friends. We miss her more with every day that passes.

Susan does live in the hearts of all who ever knew her. She was and is an inspiration to us all. We celebrate her life and must believe she walks with the angels. Her legacy is love.

Thank you Susie for enriching our lives.

Love, Mom (Cindy Grose)

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Susan Turpin