Susan C. Connell
26 Years Old

February 5, `959 to October 5, 1985

Susan Connell, of Camillus, New York, had taken three years of college criminal justice courses. She was a secretary and technical assistant in the family business.

Susan was very gentle and loved animals. She lived at home and enjoyed tennis, swimming and cooking. Susan loved to read and was knowledgeable about many things and had planned to enter nursing school that fall.

Susan had a great sense of humor and did a really great Donald Duck imitation.

She had two sisters and a brother, with whom she had a very close relationship. Susan attended her brother's college la crosse and soccer games.

Susan's presence in the lives of her family members is greatly missed. They will never forget her.


Susan Connell, 26, of Camillus, New York, had broken up with her boyfriend, Samuel J. Whitmore, but he couldn't let go of her. On October 5, 1985, when Susan's parents were out of town, Whitmore took her for a ride, then parked behind a school where he strangled her at about 7 pm. He drove around for several hours with her body in the car. Finally, in a rural area, he backed the car up to a lake and got stuck in the mud. He turned himself into the police at 3:30 am and confessed to murder.

Samuel Whitmore pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter and was sentenced to 8 and 1/3 to 25 years in prison. As of September, 1997, he had served 11 years of his sentence.

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Susan Connell