Stuart Michael Hess
24 Years Old

May 15, 1950 to February 3, 1973

Stuart Hess, of Baltimore County, Maryland, was a gregarious individual who enjoyed working with people. He was a motivated self-starter, an individual who demanded challenging experiences.

Stuart enjoyed spectator sports and actively participated in tennis and softball. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. Stuart also received his master's degree in real estate and urban development from American University in 1974. He was in partnership with his dad as a superintendent of a townhouse development.

Stuart graduated from Sunday School with the Brotherhood Award. While at Washington University, he received an intramural sports medal.

Stuart was just beginning the most productive part of his life. His tomorrows were stolen. Next to his school yearbook was this quote: "To look always for an answer, a solution to the ever-puzzling riddles that confront us: that is our responsibility, our curse and our blessing."

The tragedy of Stuart's murder struck his family viciously, swiftly and randomly. It was like an amputation without an anaesthetic. Their world changed forever. Stuart will forever be frozen in time as their 24-year-old son.


Stuart Hess, 24, of Baltimore County, Maryland, went to inspect a broken window in a townhouse development of which he was superintendent. An escaped convict had been hiding in one of the houses. The convict emptied Stuart's wallet, stole his car and planted a bullet in his brain. It was a most callous, brutal and senseless killing.

Claude Waddy was convicted of second degree murder and was sentenced to 35 years in prison plus he had a 12 year term prior to escaping. While in prison, his sentence was reduced to a total of 45 years. Waddy was scheduled for a parole hearing May 12, 1997.

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Stuart Hess