Steven James Taylor
19 Years Old

March 4, 1974 to January 26, 1994

Steven Taylor, of Taylor, Michigan, was the most likeable person anyone would ever want to meet. He was a quiet, honest, loving person. He always had something good to say about somebody.

Steven was very close to his two sisters. He was the best son any mother and father could ask for. He was his parents' pride and joy.

Steven loved collecting different items. His favorite was collecting coins, which he had done since he was a little boy. He also loved fishing and all sports.

Steven always talked about being rich one day. He was rich - not with money, but with lots of love from a lot of people. After high school, Steven managed a store that was part of his parents' business. He wanted to own his own business someday.

Steven was too nice and too trusting. He was an angel sent from heaven and now has gone back to heaven to be someone's guardian angel here on earth.


Steven Taylor, 19, of Taylor, Michigan, was a coin collector. His family owned a business and he managed one of the stores. Steven went to the home of a customer to appraise the value of some coins. The customer shot Steven through the heart, killing him instantly. Apparently, the man did not like the value Steven had placed on the coins. The man was also drunk and, at first, denied killing Steven. He later confessed.

Arlie Brandenburg was 65 years old. Brandenburg pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to one year in prison because of his age. He was released after serving just six months because he had cancer.

Steven's family agreed to settle the matter out of court because Steven's dad had a heart attack and could not go through a trial.

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Steven Taylor