Steven Anthony Rosati
21 Years Old

January 21, 1972 to December 21, 1993

We adopted our son Steven when he was five weeks old; he, along with our adopted daughter Peggy, rounded-out our family.

Steve was a typical boy. He loved to play with his toy soldiers in the back yard. I know that is where he played with them because my lawn mower would find them every-once-in-a-while. Steve also was “a Star Wars kid;” he loved anything new and of course, we made sure he had most of the lawn mower found some of them, too.

We found Steve’s God-given talent when he was five years old. He showed me a picture of Snoopy he had drawn. I thought he had traced it until I looked at the picture compared to the original. The picture was full-sized on an 8 1/2 x 11” piece of paper; Steve’s was the exact duplicate enlarged five times. His drawing and animation would be a source of comfort throughout his short life.

I remember when Steve’s grade school had a contest to create a slogan so students would walk on the sidewalk and stop cutting-across the lawn. Steve drew “Garfield” (the cartoon cat) with a statement “Keep Off The Grass.” Well, it won! We came-up with an idea and the school principal agreed for Steve to draw the cartoon on a metal sign we would put on the school lawn. We did and the principal was so impressed, he had the local newspaper take pictures of it with Steve.

Steve loved his mother’s homemade spaghetti sauce...he ate until his stomach hurt. I think spaghetti was his favorite food.

Steve adored my mother. She was his favorite person and when she passed-away from cancer, it really hit him hard.

Steve was a free-spirit and did not like the regimentation of school life, so he parted company with school when he was 16 years old. He wanted to work for D.C. Comics as a cartoonist and he did not feel he needed the classes the school was offering. His mother and I disagreed, naturally but sometimes, no matter what you say or do has no bearing and you cannot change a person’s mind...this was one of those times.


Our son was murdered on December 21st, 1993.

Steve was living in an upper flat in Detroit, Michigan. He had an argument with the woman who was living downstairs from him. That evening, she squirted lighter fluid in the stairwell leading to his flat and lit it.

Steve died of smoke inhalation.

Laura Faulk is his murderer. She was convicted of Second-Degree Murder (we felt it should have been First-Degree). She was sentenced to 20 to 60 years in prison. She is in the Scott Correctional Facility for Women.

Laura Faulk, from what I was able to learn from the trial, has always been in trouble for small issues but never a major crime until she murdered our son.

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