Steven Karl Johnson
28 Years Old

September 4, 1965 to August 30, 1994

Steven Karl Johnson, sun of Buddy and Gladysann Johnson, was born September 4, 1965 and was murdered August 30, 1994, five days before his birthday and eight days before his wedding anniversary.

Steve was a family man, married to his beloved Patty. Out of Steve and Patty's love came a boy, Steven Eric and a girl, Danielle Nichole. Steve was so proud of his family. Steven Eric was five years old and it was his first day of school on August 30, 1994. Danielle was just nineteen months old. She spent weeks after August 30, 1994 looking for her Daddy to come home.

Steve left two sisters and two brothers. They all loved him dearly and miss him terribly still. Family gatherings have a huge void - where is Steve to tease, to talk with, to do the cooking?

Steve left a large extended family, numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, and his Grandmother. He also had many in-laws from Patty's side of the family.

Steve had a lot of friends. He must have kept in touch with all his buddies from Clarkston High School. He even had a few friends he knew since grade school. His murder left a big hole in their lives too.

Steve loved sports and was an exceptional athlete, catcher in baseball, in the wrestling team, and he had a real passion for golf. He also loved hunting and fishing and had a real understanding and appreciation of wild life.

Steve always loved little kids and they loved him. He spent a lot of his spare time showing them how to play baseball, wrestle, or hit a golf ball. He looked forward to sharing his love of sports with his children.

Steve and Patty are a love story suddenly ended by gun fire.

Each of us has been shot in the heart and will carry the scars and bear the pain for the rest of our lives.

Steven Karl Johnson, husband, father, son, brother, grandson, in-law, uncle, cousin, nephew and friend. A lot of people loved this man.


The morning of August 30, 1994, our son, Steven Karl Johnson, a foreman for a roofing company, was shot to death by an angry employee named Raymond E. Lloyd.

They were part of a three-man crew repairing the roof of the Port Huron High School on the first day of school. Raymond E. Lloyd and another employee were engaged in an argument. The other man was younger and smaller than Mr. Lloyd. Steve separated the two and Mr. Lloyd struck Steve. One of the school custodians intervened and assisted Steve to hold Mr. Lloyd until he calmed down. Mr. Lloyd was told to leave and agreed to do so. Instead, he went to his car and returned with a 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle. He shot Steve as he stood before him with his hands in the air. The first four shots were to his legs, two in each leg. The fifth shot was fired into his back as he tried to get away. It went into his heart. Mr. Lloyd continued to pursue Steve and the sixth shot was fired into his buttocks as he lay bleeding on the ground where he had fallen, mortally wounded.

Students testified Mr. Lloyd smiled at them as he walked past their classroom window to return the gun to his car. Mr. Lloyd testified that he was dissatisfied with his life, felt picked on, and didn't like taking orders.

Our son was murdered for going to work, a foreman trying to do his job.

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