Stephanie Helene Sweda
32 Years Old

July 31, 1965 to August 17, 1997

Stephanie was beautiful, petite, she had blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was gregarious, very sweet, loving, sensitive and caring. She was always thinking of other people and how she could help them. She was witty with a keen sense of humor, entertaining and fun to be with. She touched everyone she met with a smile, a wave of her hand, and a friendly hello. Everyone loved Stephanie. She was a free spirit, and adventurous.

She received the highest award in Girl Scouts; she enjoyed bike riding, swimming, rollerblading, traveling, music, dancing, theatre and Agatha Christie mysteries. She collected silhouette pictures. Her favorite color was purple-lavender. She loved spicy foods. There is too much to say about Stephanie, she was the all-American girl, the girl next door.

Stephanie graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois and did volunteer work with the American Cancer Society, Life Skills, American Red Cross, and at a theatre as an usher. She was always involved in a learning experience.

Stephanie's family is a close-knit family. We miss her tremendously. Our love for her cannot be measured. A true Angel we have lost. We have inescapable sadness and sorrow in our body, mind and soul.

Stephanie's demise was a stalker, someone she befriended and was trying to help. Stephanie had only known Gary Watts for 6 months. He lived in the same condo complex. All she wanted was to be his friend. Going out for an occasional drink, or dinner. He wanted more. Gary wanted a relationship. Stephanie was dating a very nice young man at the time. Gary, who became a stalker, did not like this. He would walk in front of her condo and call her at work which was a no - no. Gary followed her on certain occasions. Gary was depressed and Stephanie was trying to get Gary some medical help. Gary went to the hospital and the hospital would not keep him because he did not have insurance. Two days later Gary shot Stephanie and then committed suicide.

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Stephanie Sweda