Stella Vaughn
17 Years Old

September 28, 1974 to April 26, 1992

Stella Vaughn, of Terre Haute, Indiana, was very athletic. In high school, she played volleyball and basketball. She was on the track team and won awards for the high jump. She was always so good in sports for her size.

Her family will always love her.


Stella Vaughn, 17, of Terre Haute, Indiana, was shot to death April 26, 1992. William Billings wanted to date Stella, but she refused. He beat her in the bathroom and pulled her hair. Stella fought back, but lost to a .20-gauge shotgun.

William Billings was convicted of an accidental shooting and sentenced to 8 and 1/2 years in prison. He was released in 1997.

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Stella Vaughn