Sherry Kay Larman
26 Years Old

November 5, 1963 to May 25, 1990

Sherry Kay Larman was born on Tuesday, November 5th, 1963 at Andrews Air Force Base Hospital. She was the first-born of my three children and she has a sister Whitney and a brother Phillip.

Sherry had such a wonderful and caring personality. She was liked by everyone she met. Her family was very important to her.

Unfortunately, Sherry got involved in a lifestyle that spiraled out of control and led to her murder on Friday, May 25th, 1990. She was “A Victim of the Streets.”


Sherry was the first victim in the triple murder that spanned a 26-hour period in the Washington, D.C. area in 1990, known as


Sherry was murdered by Chander Matta, age 20.

Matta drove into Washington, D.C. around noon, met Sherry and took her to his parent’s home in Arlington, Virginia where he lived. Once there, he attacked and murdered her. He tied a plastic bag over her head and left her body in the house while he went to work.

After work, Matta returned home, took Sherry’s body and discarded it on the top level of a parking garage near his home.

Matta then drove back into Washington, D.C. where he picked-up his second victim, murdered her, then murdered his third victim.

Matta was arrested on June 10th, 1990 after a credit card receipt was found in the plastic bag around the head of the second victim, leading to his identity.

Matta confessed to all three murders, claiming that “voices” told him to commit the murders.

In court, the judge decided to combine the three separate trials into one since they were all linked-together. The trial lasted two weeks during which the well-known psychologist and writer Dr. Stanton Samenow testified.

In March 1991, the jury convicted Chander Matta on Three Counts of First-Degree Murder and Three Counts of Robbery (the Robbery convictions were for him taking money and personal belongings from each of the victims).

In May 1991, just two days before the one-year anniversary of Sherry’s murder, Matta was sentenced to Three Life Without Parole sentences for murder and Three 10 year sentences for Robbery.

Matta is in the Virginia State Prison.

According to the Parole Board, Matta is classified as a three-time loser, will NEVER be eligible for or considered for parole and will literally die in prison.

Even though nothing will ever bring Sherry back, I am still thankful that her murderer will NEVER be free again!!!

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Sherry Larman