Sherry Selph-Barela
21 Years Old

May 27, 1972 to April 3, 1994

Gone for more than a little while,
Sherry my third child.
The pain of loss fades for awhile,
And we can even sometimes smile.
Cherished memories we hold dear,
Even when they can bring tears.
We hold you in our heart so dear,
Having you for twenty-one years.
If we could have our way,
You'd be with us still today.
But we will find the way
And be with you again someday.
Gone for more than a little while,
Sherry our precious child.
We keep you close all the while,
And miss your sweet, sweet smile.


Sherry "Selph" Barela, age 21, body was found October 20, 1994 by three hunters. She had been missing since April 3, 1994. Sherry was stabbed with a screwdriver bit in her temple by her husband, Stephen Barela. Her children, ages 3 and 18 months, witnessed the murder. Barela then kidnapped the children and took them from the state.

He pleaded guilty to second degree murder and two counts of kidnapping. He was sentenced to 28 years to life in prison.

He will be eligible for parole consideration on August 29, 2013. If Mr. Barela is not granted a parole or commutation at some point during his incarceration, he will remain incarcerated his maximum term of life.

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Sherry Barela