Shelley Lynn Webster
22 Years Old

October 24, 1963 to July 16, 1986

Shelley came into the world, protected from “day one” by her Mother. Shelley had two precious siblings, ages two and 11 months who wanted to squeeze, hold, touch and love her. She was so special and was born on her Grandpa’s birthday. Of 28 grandchildren, her almost-white blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes made her “stand-out.”

Starting kindergarten was such a tearful day for Mom but not for Shelley. She could hardly wait to follow in her sisters’ steps. She attended St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School. Making her first Holy Communion bringing Jesus into her heart, she looked like an Angel.

At the age of eight, Shelley was no longer the baby of the family. I can still see the girls running home from school to greet their new sister. Shelley was like a little Mother, helping lovingly and gently at all times.

Softball was Shelley’s first sport. She loved playing ball, riding her bike, roller skating, snowmobiling, snow skiing and swimming. When it was her turn to make the volleyball team, she was chosen. She was in fit condition for active sports.

Shelley achieved her goals. Academically, she excelled especially in Math. She even received the Best-Dressed Award. She loved fashion and attended college in California for Design and Decorating where Shelley graduated in 1982.

There were basically no jobs in Design in Indiana. A school friend and her family moved to Texas for jobs. That fall, Shelley moved to Corpus Christi against her Mother’s wishes. Mother felt uneasy to have her move that distance away.

Shelley was very independent and sure of herself. She never knew a stranger. She was so trusting. We always kept in contact by phone calls and letters. She traveled home several times and we went to Texas. She was so happy most of the time. Sometimes, Shelley struggled with keeping a reliable roommate. I was very concerned when she met Rolf Huseboe, a man claiming he was studying to be a Doctor. Shelley was sure he was someone with whom she could have a future.

Dating Rolf Huseboe approximately three months, Shelley’s last phone call on a Sunday was at length. Things were not working-out and she was coming home. Little did I know it was her Heavenly Home. My Mother intuition told me something was wrong that she was in danger but she was coming home and everything was going to be okay. Three days later, Rolf Huseboe murdered my daughter. Her body arrived in Indiana on my birthday July 23rd, 1986.

My heart will never mend. My arms ache to hold Shelley.

Shelley’s memory will live-on long after I am gone, thanks to POMC…..


On July 16th, 1986, Rolf Huseboe took my daughter Shelley to Padre Island close to Bob Hall Pier and viciously beat her to death with a tire iron. Her body was found only a few feet in Kleberg County in Kingsville, Texas. She had been a resident of Nueces County, Corpus Christi, Texas. This caused many problems and botched-up the investigation.

Rolf Huseboe walked-free for six years. When caught, he was in a Vermont jail for beating his girlfriend. He told his cellmate he was in fear of being charged for murdering a girl in Texas. The cellmate “came forward” and justice began.

In February 1993, Huseboe finally came to trial. His trial was by jury and so was his sentence. He was found guilty…..and then given probation!.....I could not believe what I heard… heart ripped-apart again… hopes were lost, the anger built… could these jurors do this to me? daughter meant nothing to these people. The judge stood-up and said “You will spend 120 days in the Texas State Prison for using a deadly weapon.”

Huseboe was ordered to take a psychological test. He was found to be a danger to the public. Huseboe has an Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder with Anti-social tendencies. He is self-centered and angry about dependency needs with a lack of insight and feelings of inadequacy.

Huseboe was sent to serve his 10 years probation in prison in December 1993.

Hueseboe had sexually-assaulted a young woman in Kingsville and had broken four other probation rules. In 1997, he was released in Austin, Texas.

Living shortly in a place called The Travis House, Huseboe again broke probation rules and was sent back to prison at Huntsville Texas Prison with a release date of October 31st, 1999, under supervision again. The actual release date after those 10 years was 2003.

Huseboe is from La Crosse, Wisconsin. In the past, he has used different Social Security numbers. He also uses alias names; his favorite is Robin Johnson. His “line” is that he is studying to be a Doctor…..reality is, he is a server in a restaurant.

Huseboe bites his victims. Shelley had human bite marks on her.

Huseboe has blonde-sandy color hair, blue eyes, medium build and about 5’9” in height. He is very “preppy” in appearance. I believe Huseboe to be bi-sexual.

Manual Banales was interviewed by the program “American Journal” and stated “Huseboe should have received 99 years to Life.

This was truly a miscarriage of justice…..

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Shelley Webster