Shelley Reneé Vaughn
32 Years Old

June 6, 1960 to January 31, 1993

Shelly Reneé Vaughn, of Portland, Oregon, was vivacious, friendly, fun loving, trusting, loyal, affectionate and a sweet person. Everyone loved her. She would never knowingly hurt anyone and always had a smile and kind word for everyone. She was especially loving to her family and included the older members in her attentions.

Shelley loved animals which, at various times, included a cage full of gerbils, cats, and dogs. When she was a teenager, the aged family dog was killed by a car. Shelly was broken-hearted and insisted it be buried in a grave at the Humane Society which she arranged for and paid for yearly. Her last pet was a mean, stray Siamese cat that only she could love and manage.

Her activities were dating and visiting with friends and family. She loved watching TV, listening to audio tapes and radio, her car, traveling and letter writing. Shelley also loved children and worked in a daycare center after going to community college for two years for Early Childhood Education courses. The children, parents and teachers all loved and trusted her and she made many friends over the 12 years she worked in this profession. She also willingly baby-sat for friends and family when needed. Shelley was a born-again Christian and loved to be involved in church and church related activities.

Shelley leaves behind two sisters, a brother and their families, father, mother and step-father, and numerous other family members.


Shelley Reneé Vaughn, 32, of Portland, Oregon, fell in love with a handsome stranger, Jon Johnson, that she met while visiting relatives in Cleveland, Ohio. He was attracted to her good looks, beautiful hair, lovely figure and vivacious sweetness. He soon came to Portland, found a job and moved in with her. She became pregnant right away and was thrilled, but Jon was not. He became increasingly abusive, started drinking heavily and finally got into drugs about two months before killing her.

Their baby girl was six months old when Shelley persuaded Jon to go back home to Cleveland by Greyhound bus. On January 31, 1993, Super Bowl Sunday, Jon took the bus as far as Denver, got off and bought a ticket back to Portland to get the baby. When Shelley refused to let him have her, he took the kitchen knife and stabbed her multiple times in the head and chest. She put up a terrific struggle, but fell down some stairs and he stabbed her in the carotid artery. He fled with the baby after changing his blood-spattered shoes and pants and packing the diaper bag. Someone called the police when they saw a man walking down the freeway in the dark with a baby. Jon wouldn't speak to the police so they took him to the precinct station. They saw the bloody shirt when he removed his jacket. After interrogating him, Jon confessed to the murder. "God told me to do it," he said.

The maternal grandparents adopted the baby who is growing into a happy, beautiful little girl.

Johnson was convicted but judged insane and committed for an indeterminate sentence in a psych-criminal ward.

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Shelley Vaughn