Shawn L. Hartzog
20 Years Old

August 18, 1970 to January 13, 1991

Shawn Hartzog, of Owensville, Ohio, was a fun, loving and caring person. He was always there if you needed him. He loved to joke around with others and make them laugh.

Shawn enjoyed hunting, fishing, sports and camping.


Shawn L. Hartzog, 20, of Owensville, Ohio, had an argument with Bryan Arnette the morning of January 13, 1991. The two supposedly had resolved the issue. As Bryan was leaving the apartment, he suddenly turned around and shot Shawn in the chest with Shawn's own shotgun. Shawn died seven hours later.

Bryan Arnette was convicted of murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison. As of May, 1997, he was still in prison.

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Shawn Hartzog